Queensway Shopping Centre Rumoured To Be Closing After 43 Years Of Selling Cheap Sports Stuff

I‘m not a sports guy.

I literally avoid that thing with any excuse I can, but even I know that Queensway Shopping Centre is the place to go for buying cheap goody sports goods.

(Would have used the word “cheap” if we were in 2000)

It is that iconic.

But this iconic shopping centre might be gone forever, or at least rumoured to be.

Queensway Shopping Centre Open to Enbloc

A report by Beritas Mediacorp stated that 78 home and shop owners were invited for an extraordinary general meeting on 22 April 2019.

Lest you’re not aware, owners of commercial buildings often have general meetings to discuss about certain things. Last I know, our office building owners recently just decided to ban non-season parking cars into the car park during one of these meetings.

Yup, it’s usually for important things like the design of the car park decals, where to place rubbish bins and which unit has been making too much noise.

So for an iconic building to have a meeting about a sale of the entire building, it of course has to be reported.

While there weren’t further information on the members, shop owners seem open to the idea of selling. According to them, business doesn’t seem as good as it used to be.

Whether it’s the influx of online stores or the opening of Decathlon stores (and more e-marts that are not in camps), it’s up for your imagination.

But of course, the shopping mall isn’t just about sports-related products.

90s kids will probably remember at least 10 fond memories of Queensway Shopping Centre, including McDonald’s, friendship bands, and tailored class-shirts.

Heck, some steads might be formed there.

But the foodie in me wonders if Janggut Laksa will find another place or be gone forever. Some others might also remember an Otah uncle fanning his otah outside the mall.

Perhaps it is time to gather your makan kakis and make a trip there, potentially for the last time.

But don’t need to rush. The En Bloc process takes about two years, so there are still time for you sink into the nostalgia.

Queensway Shopping Centre, One of the Oldest Mall in Singapore

Chances are, the mall’s older than you.

The mall is opened in 1976, and prides itself as “Singapore sports mall” – of course, way before other sports mall came into existence.

Unlike other usual malls that are owned by a developer, the mall is owned by individual owners, so people can technically sell anything they want in the mall as long as they own the shop.

While it’s not within walking distance from an MRT station, it’s just next to IKEA, so it’s often been a perfect area for anyone who’s looking to buy some furniture and sporting gears.

But like what a wise man once said, “All good things come to an end.”

Because touch your heart and answer: ever since the Internet took over the world, when’s the last time you’ve been to Queensway Shopping Centre?