Everything About Raeesah Khan’s Sudden Resignation from WP & As Sengkang GRC MP

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all lie, especially when our boss asks us if we have plans for the weekend.

Boss: Wait, you said you’d be busy with a “very important family thing”. Was that-


I’m an exception, of course. I never lie. Those crocs go well with your suit, by the way.

Boss: Why thank you

Lying in certain settings, however, isn’t a smart move, such as in parliament, which Worker’s Party (WP) MP Raeesah Khan admitted to doing earlier this month.

After her admission, many netizens called for her resignation, while the WP said it had formed a disciplinary panel to look into Khan’s conduct.

Before they could come to a decision on what to do, however, Khan called it quits.

Everything About Raeesah Khan’s Sudden Resignation from WP & Sengkang GRC MP

In a Facebook post yesterday (30 Nov), the WP said that its Central Executive Committee (CEC) was supposed to meet at 8pm yesterday to deliberate and decide on the recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee over Khan’s conduct.

The Disciplinary Committee had been formed on 2 November to investigate Ms Khan’s admissions in Parliament.

But at 4:30pm that day, Ms Khan approached secretary-general Pritam Singh to inform him that she intended to resign from the party.

She then attended the CEC meeting at 8pm and conveyed in person her intention to resign.

“The Party will hold a press conference on Thursday 2 December to provide more information on this matter and to share its plans to ensure that Sengkang residents, particularly in the Compassvale ward, continue to be cared for and represented,” WP said.


Later that day, Ms Khan shared on Twitter a letter addressed to Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin, where she indicated with a “heavy heart” her decision to resign as MP for Sengkang GRC.

“I will always be indebted to the residents of Sengkang for giving me the honour of serving as their MP in the 14th Parliament,” she said.

“In spite of my own shortcomings, I hope that we continue to work together to make Singapore a place we are proud to call home.”


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What Happened

In Aug this year, Khan had shared an anecdote in Parliament about accompanying a rape survivor to a police station where the officer had made some troubling comments about the victim’s dressing and drinking.

She claimed the alleged victim had left the police station crying due to the officer’s comments.

Despite being questioned about the anecdote several times by other MPs, Khan stuck to her story and kept shtum about the details, citing confidentiality.

The police later said that they checked their records and couldn’t find any case which fit Khan’s description. They requested an interview with Khan, but she didn’t respond to them.

Then, on 1 Nov, Khan admitted to lying about details of the rape case which she brought up in August, saying she was “not present with the survivor in the police station as [she had] described”.

“The anecdote was shared by the survivor in a women’s support group for women which I was a part of. I did not share that I was a part of the group as I did not have the courage to publicly admit that I was a part of it,” she said.

She has since been referred to the Committee of Privileges and could face a fine or even jail time.

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