Railing That Went Viral on TikTok Wasn’t Removed Due to the TikTok Videos


Remember when everyone marvelled over the power of TikTok?

It has now been revealed that the barrier was not removed because of TikTok, but because the government was preparing for more workers to return to the office.

No More Climbing Over Barrier

Basically, a barrier obstructing a route that most commuters take to get across Marina Bay road forced pedestrians to make a choice between two options.

Option 1: Take the long route and walk one big round around the area, as shown in the video below.

@ugoahboy Reply to @firebinger the complete round if you were to follow the route #fyp ♬ Say Yes – 로꼬 & 펀치 (Punch) & 첸 (CHEN) & 백현 (BAEKHYUN) & 시우민 (XIUMIN)

Or option two, which is the more popular option: climb over the barrier.

@ugoahboy Reply to @dilsavea The amount of replies I get is insane!! imagine rushing for time and walking one big round or going down the underpass!!#fyp #marinabay ♬ original sound – Chloe Adams

After these TikToks went viral, the barrier mysteriously disappeared on 9 April:

Why Presidential Election 2023 Will Start from June 2023 After President Halimah’s Announcemen:

@ugoahboy Reply to @jaysukk they remove the barrier!! woo!! Happy me !! #marinabay #fyp ♬ original sound – undead

While many were happy that they don’t have to risk ripping their pants to get to work anymore, others also wondered how powerful TikTok can be.

After all, if a few TikToks can get the authorities to remove a barrier, maybe we should all just start posting our complaints on TikTok?

However, an update from the Land Transport Authority just confirmed that nope, the barrier being removed might not be because of TikTok after all.

Barrier Removed As More Workers Returning to Office

While they do have a legit reason other than “TikTok told me to do it”, it seems like TikTok must have still played a part in raising awareness about this issue to LTA.


An LTA spokesman said that they’ve removed some of the barriers along Marina Way to make way for a footpath. This removal provides an “alternative, shorter route for pedestrians to cross the road”.

This is in preparation for the “expected return of more office workers with the relaxation of safe management measures”.

This statement came together with the announcement that they will be building a new footpath by the middle of the year, at where the barrier has been removed.

So no, the barrier won’t be reinstated. And by the middle of 2022, you no longer have to worry about muddying your shoes on rainy days when walking through that path.

But the building of a new path makes us wonder: why was that barrier even there in the first place?

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Actually An Award-Winning Solution

Yes, you read that right. That awkward barrier was actually part of an award-winning solution.

Reader Bao: Uh, solution for what? To rip as many office workers’ pants as possible?

No, Reader Bao. As mind-boggling as it may be, the barrier was actually meant to address the issue of illegal parking of motorcycles on state land.

Apparently, a team from LTA, Singapore Land Authority, Singapore Police Force, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority suggested installing the barrier.

So many brains to come up with this three-pronged solution to address illegally parked motorcycles in Marina Way, Battery Road, Bussorah Mall and Albert Street… Only to create a new problem for pedestrians.


The solution was actually recognised in the team category in the Municipal Services Awards by the Ministry of National Development in 2019.

But this team doesn’t have to despair over their hard work going to waste in Marina Way. According to The Straits Times, barriers could be reinstalled alongside the new footpath, to prevent illegal parking from taking over the area again.

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