There’re Now Kueh Lapis Mooncakes With Real Kueh Lapis & They Look Absolutely Ravishing


It seems like the rainbow food craze will never die down.

Which is good news for people who love colourful food. I mean, what else makes food look so magical instantaneously?

As our traditional kuehs have shown, we like our food colourful, from this

Image: FuelFit

To this:


But if you’ve thought that people are going to stop at just these, you’re probably kidding yourself.

Well, hold onto to your seat (or your phone) tight, because now there’s this new rainbow creation.

Behold, the Lapis Mooncake

It’s not a kueh lapis, it’s not a snow skin mooncake, but a kueh lapis-wrapped snowskin ‘mooncake’.

Image: The Lapis Place

Traditional mooncakes are quaking.

First of all, one comes decked out completely in all colours of the rainbow. By “completely”, we mean from top to bottom, inside and out.

Image: The Lapis Place

At first glance, all you might notice (or at least us) is the fantastical colours popping right out the pictures.

Image: Giphy

But if you’re worried about whether it’ll taste good or not, the folks who created this beautiful (or monstrous, depending on how much of a food traditionalist you are) creation dedicated years to lapis creation.

So if all else fails, you can be sure that the fillings are going to be great.


Available In Four Different Flavours

The Lapis Snow Skin Mooncake series is available in 4 flavours: Cempedak, Earl Grey, Pandan and, of course, the centre of everyone’s attention, Rainbow.

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Image: The Lapis Place

Whoa, right?!

The bright rainbow kueh lapis centre isn’t new; in fact, the cake was launched in March earlier this year.

It’s even sold out currently in its online store where it’s part of a Rainbow Bundle.

Choose from 2 pieces or a full box of 4

If you know exactly which flavour you want, a box of 2 pieces of the same flavour goes for $46. Or if you need more, a 4-pc box would cost you $88.

Sure it isn’t the cheapest but hey, who knows if it’ll still be available next year?

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Image: The Lapis Place

Can’t decide on one?

You’re not alone.


The Lapis Snow Skin Mooncake Set ($88) lets you try one each of all 4 flavours.

Obviously they don’t compromise on visual aesthetics; the accompanying delicate teal box packaging even comes with a 3D popup attached.

All the better for those IG photos, we’d say. Because let’s be real, part of the experience involves sharing photos of these.

Image: Giphy

Want them sent to you? Delivery is $15 ($25 to Sentosa) but you can save on the delivery cost by picking them up at their store at Plaza Singapura.

These are available till 4 October, though orders before 30 September receive a 15% discount upon quoting “TLPMAF” during checkout.

Image: Giphy

You can order online here if you want to.

The Lapis Place

  • Address: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #B1-K4, Singapore 238839
  • Opening hours: 11am-9pm daily

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