Over $28K Have Been Raised for FDW Who Was Framed by CAG Chairman Family


Following the acquittal of Ms Parti Liyani on 4 Sep 2020, a fundraiser was organised by the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home), a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

The aim was to help Ms Parti raise money, as she was unable to work in Singapore or return to Indonesia since 2016, due to the legal proceedings between herself and her former employer, Mr Liew Mun Leong.

On Sunday, 6 September, the fundraising drive was up on the site, Giving.sg.

In less than a day, the target of $28,000 was hit.

Image: Giving.sg

A total of $28,560 was raised by 330 donors.

The sum of money will help Ms Parti Liyani to set up her food business back at her hometown, Indonesia.

Stayed at NGO’s Shelter Since 2016

Since the legal disputes started in 2016, Ms Parti has been staying at Home’s shelter. She was not able to work in Singapore or return to Indonesia due to the court proceedings.


Aside from lodgings, Home also provided Ms Parti with food and financial support.

The organisation also helped Ms Parti to find a legal representative to work on a pro-bono basis for the court proceedings.

Forgives Her Employer, Requests For An Apology

After the acquittal by High Court last Friday, Ms Parti said in the virtual press conference that she forgives her employer, Mr Liew Mun Leong for accusing her of stealing from the family.

She added that she would like Mr Liew to apologise to the public for putting such serious accusations against her.

Here’s a quick recap on the legal dispute between Ms Parti and Changi Airport Group’s (CAG) chairman, Mr Liew Mun Leong:

Sentenced to jail for four counts of theft in 2019

In March 2019, Ms Parti was found guilty on four counts of theft and was given two years and two months’ jail time.

She was charged with stealing $34,000 worth of items from Mr Liew and his family.

Some of the stolen items include a $10,000 Gerald Genta watch, 115 items of clothing worth $150 each, two iPhones with accessories valued at more than $2,000 in total.

Ms Parti worked for Mr Liew for nine years, from 2007 to 2016 before her employment was suddenly terminated on October 28, 2016.

She returned back to Indonesia after the dismissal. but came back to Singapore on on 2 Dec 2016 to seek employment.

However, she was arrested at Changi Airport as Mr Liew Mun Leong and his son, Mr Karl Liew, filed a police report against Ms Parti, stating that she had stolen from the family.

Ms Parti was charged in court on 31 Aug 2017.

Convictions overturned

Justice Chan Seng Onn overturned Ms Parti’s convictions during the court hearing on September 4, citing that the court had failed to consider several points, including the credibility of the testimony of Mr Karl Liew, as reported by Channel NewsAsia.


Justice Chan also mentioned that Mr Liew Mun Leong and Mr Karl Liew had an ‘improper motive’ for accusing Ms Parti of theft back in 2016.

Ms Parti’s appeal of being framed to prevent herself from lodging a complaint against the Liew family for illegal deployment was also allowed by Justice Chan.

Illegal deployment to work at other places

Aside from working at Mr Liew’s home of residence, Ms Parti was also instructed by Mr Liew Mun Leong’s wife to work at Mr Karl Liew’s home and office as well, between the years of 2012, 2013 and 2016.

During the court proceedings on September 4, Justice Chan found that there was reason to believe that the Liew family took the ‘pre-emptive first step’ to terminate Ms Parti’s employment suddenly without giving her sufficient time to pack.

This was done in the hope that Ms Parti will not have enough time to file her illegal deployment case to the MOM.

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