Rat Infestation Found in Ceiling Areas After Authorities Investigated Viral Video of Rat Twitching in Food Tray at Tangs Market


Twitching Rat Mystery at Tangs Plaza Solved: Ceiling Infestation Revealed

The mystery of the twitching rat at Tangs Plaza has finally been solved – kinda.

On Monday, 27 Nov, a rat was spotted lying on a tray at the Tangs Market food court, caught on camera by a user of Xiaohongshu, who proceeded to upload the video, and it went viral.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Laughs)

The large, unconscious rat was lying beside a bowl of noodles from Fei Siong Group’s restaurant, EAT.

What disgusted many members of the public is that it had a tail so long it dangled over the edge of the tray, twitching intermittently.

Some speculated that the rat might have fallen onto the tray from the ceiling.

And that has been proven to be pretty right.

Just less than 12 hours ago, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced on Facebook to reassure members of the public that they are aware of the rat and the viral video.

According to the announcement, officers from SFA and the National Environment Agency (NEA) have conducted two rounds of joint inspections at the area of the incident immediately.

Upon investigation, which took more than a day since the incident happened, the inspection results were out.

There were, indeed, signs of pest and rat infestation at the common areas as well as the ceilings of the restaurant.


Which means that the most likely culprit behind the viral rat video would be the ceiling rat infestation – which tallies with testimonies claiming they saw the rat fall from the ceiling.

But what’s worse and worrying is that five food stalls, similar in nature to the takeaway food shop in the video, might just be all affected by the pest and rat infestation.

Image: The Ordinary Patrons

In response, NEA will be taking enforcement action against the building management for rat infestation at the ceiling areas.

On the other hand, SFA will also be taking enforcement action against five food shops found with hygiene lapses.

Once again, SFA had reminded the readers of the post that food safety and vector control are a joint responsibility between authorities like themselves and NEA, as well as operators and premise owners.

Ending off, SFA promised that SFA and NEA will continue to monitor the effectiveness of measures taken by the parties involved to safeguard food safety and eradicate the rodent issue.

Members of the public are concerned whether SFA will inform the public of the exact cause, since the rat infestation was posed as just a likely cause in the announcement.

Image: Facebook (@SGFoodAgency)

On the other hand, even upon hearing just about the infestations, some decided not to patronise Tangs Market again.

Image: Facebook (@SFA)

No Tangs!

Maybe the air would be clear when TANGS Singapore and the Fei Siong Group give some sort of response, just like Annabella Patisserie in the “rat birthday gift” incident.


However, none of the operators have yet issued any responses.