There Are Actually Real Vampires That Drink Blood in Our World & They Live in All Over The World


Last Updated on 2022-09-30 , 1:11 pm

Forget the fictional Twilight series (not like they were that good to be so memorable anyway), this isn’t the usual sparkly vampire stuff you see in popular culture.

There are real vampires that walk this earth, and they do drink blood from humans.

Why Do We Identify them As “Vampires”? 

A study was done in New Orleans and Buffalo in the USA, focusing on a group of people who call themselves “real vampires”.

Of course, they don’t suddenly sprout wings or hang upside down like bats, but they are real in the sense that they have a need for blood.

Quite a few of them do sport fangs and are primarily nocturnal, however, there are also real vampires without such distinctive features.

Where Are These Vampires Found? 

These vampires don’t just reside in the USA, they are also spread out across Russia, England and South Africa.

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Are these Vampires Dangerous? 

Although they are not ashamed to admit their natural thirst for blood, they don’t go around flaunting their statuses. Most people would probably run away faster than a Ferrari as they would see them as savages— without understanding them.

In fact, these real vampires even organise charity events such as deciding whether to feed on the homeless or not. They only take blood from those who are willing to give it to them, so no, they don’t suck a human dry.

Although they have to sustain themselves on the usual necessities (food and water) as well, the real vampires admit that they feel more refreshed from drinking blood than other things.

Some of them also practise psychic feeding, such as taking energy through the hands or minds (psychic vampires) of their victims.

Interesting much?

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