Reason Why Khatib and Yio Chu Kang MRT Station Are So Far Apart is Allegedly Due to Disneyland


Last Updated on 2023-03-14 , 2:15 pm

If you look at the MRT map, you’ll see that the distance between Khabit MRT Station and Yio Chu Kang MRT Station is, well, pretty reasonable.

But take the train and you’ll know that it’s a bloody long ride between these stations.

For the record, the travel time between these two stations is six minutes. The typical travel time (if that’s no breakdown lah) between two stations is about two to four minutes.

This stretch of line is also scheduled for maintenance and improvement works this month during the weekends, leading to early closures and late openings.

Now that the numbers and facts are out of the way, here’s the revelation that you might not know: there was actually an MRT station planned between them, and it was rumuored to be named Lentor MRT Station.

We now know Lentor MRT Station as a real MRT station that’s part of the new Thomson-East Coast Line, in which Lentor MRT Station itself is scheduled to be operational by 2020 serving residents in Ang Mo Kio, located underneath Lentor Drive.

But what about the previously rumoured Lentor MRT Station?

Hold your breath, because you’re going to scream after that.

Apparently, in the 1990s, Disney (yes, Disneyland!) proposed to build a theme park there. Lest you’re not aware, Disney owns the Marvel movies as well, so if there’s a Disneyland here, we could well be taking selfies with Iron Man and Captain America now.

After talks and whatnot, the idea was abandoned after Disney and the Government could not come out with a feasible and workable theme park.

And so, ta-da: we have, instead of Disneyland, a loooooooooong MRT ride.

The Disneyland is supposed to be along Lentor Avenue, but well, at least we’ve got Universal Studios Singapore now lah.

Just imagine this: tourists coming to Singapore merely because of Disneyland. And no longer do we need to go Hong Kong just to see Mickey Mouse in action.

I don’t know about you, but Singapore would definitely be different if that had gone through, and people living in the north would have been, erm, happier?

Not sure about you, but Yishun might be very different in an alternate universe where Disneyland was built there #justsaying