A Study Has Found That if You’re Fat, You’re Nicer Than Skinny People

Finally, a study that makes sense. Maybe.

Fat people have always been discriminated against, either for stinking up the room (remember TAF club, guys?) or simply because they don’t conform to what’s lookin’ good in society.

And it doesn’t hurt that our sense of self-esteem is so low it’s not even funny anymore.

But hey, it’s the inside that matters. That’s what we always tell ourselves, so we make funny jokes about our size, or simply ignore that hurtful ah bui from our friends when we go to the beach.

But finally, there’s something we’re good at.

No, it’s not our wonderfully soft stomach that our girlfriend (if we’re lucky to have one) loves to lie on.

It’s something even better.

And to make the victory sweeter, it’s scientifically proven. Sort of.

Fat people are more generous than skinny ones

Take that, skinny bitches who always laughed at our size behind our backs.

We’re nicer than you. Booya!

We are more generous with our money

When you see someone on the streets looking like he needs money for food, chances are a fat guy will go forward to give 2 bucks for an Ananas chicken rice than a skinny guy.

And it’s not just because we know the feeling of being hungry and how bad it sucks.

Skinny people are grumpier and less generous

According to metro.uk, a study done by German researchers showed that ‘lean men made less fair decisions and offered 16 percent less money than corpulent (fat) men’.

In the study, 20 fat men and 20 skinny men were told to play a couple of money games in a lab.

It was found that skinny people tend to give money to skinny people, and they are grumpier than fat men when they have low blood sugar.

In conclusion, the researchers stated that decision-making is affected by the weight of the person and the blood glucose level.

Now, how do we let the girls know that?


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