BMT Recruits Given ‘Strong Burger Meal’ Before 24KM Route March & NSmen Are Confused


Lest you’re unaware, the mandatory 24KM route march is an unimaginably torturous one.

Apart from the scarcity of breaks and rations in between, you’re also on the constant trudge for hours as you seek to reach the end goal:

The venue where you undergo your Passing Out Parade (POP).

Truly, it’s a defining notion behind the catchphrase: “Blood Sweat and Tears”.

But here’s the thing. While previous batches of BMT recruits have had to contend with the usual cookhouse meal before embarking on the fateful journey, it appears that the latest batch has had a little perk:

The specially prepared ‘Strong Burger Meal’.

Now, it may not exactly give them a significant strength boost as advertised…

But you can’t deny that it looks good.

BMT Recruits Given ‘Strong Burger Meal’ Before 24KM Route March

According to the Facebook page for Basic Military Training Center (BMTC), the April cohort embarked on their 24km Graduation March sometime last evening (3 December 2020).

A gruelling notion, and one that sticks out like a sore thumb even after five years of civilian life.

But here’s the thing; it appears that this batch has had a little ‘motivational boost’ beforehand in the form of a…


Specially prepared lunch known as the ‘Strong Burger Meal’.

Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)

Now I’ve no idea whether the patty has been injected with some performance-enhancing drug, but what’s certain is that it looks good.

Really good.

And BMTC evidently knows it too.

“Big bites for the big walk!” they announced on their Facebook page.

“A special meal for a special day as recruits from the 04/20 cohort prepare to begin their 24km Graduation March later this evening, they get to enjoy a special meal for lunch today – the Strong Burger Meal!”

Talk about a real motivational boost.

And NSmen Are Confused

We asked all NSmen in our office, new and old, and here’s the thing: we’ve never had burgers during our time in camp. They were a non-existent notion unless, of course, you decide to order McDonald’s in. But that’s for another time.

The closest we’ve had to burgers was just the standard western fare. Fish & Chips, mashed potatoes, enriched hamburger buns by Gardenia… you know, the works. Sure, we can assemble a burger out of the given ingredients, but it was never quite ready-made for us, you know?


Not like the ‘Strong Burger Meal’.

But it appears that the latest batch has had a taste of it. And we can only be salty at how wide their grins are.

Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)
Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)

Now, for the record, it’s not just us at the Goody Feed office who are confused.

Netizens are also confused by the notion – a hypothesis evident from the following comments.

Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)
Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)
Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)

Though in hindsight, we are not the ones going through a gruelling 24KM walk.

So if anything else, these valiant recruits did deserve the ‘Strong Burger Meal’.


But of course, we do hope that the following did not occur.

Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)

After all, it wouldn’t be that much of a ‘strong meal’ if it was ejected halfway through the exercise, would it?

04/20 Cohort

The 04/20 cohort has moved off for their 24KM Route March, equipped with nothing but impossibly heavy field packs, braindead helmets, annoying rifle slings and a rather heavy heart.

However, strengthened by the ‘Strong Burger Meal’, they managed to reach the halfway mark, where they stopped at another checkpoint to view a motivational video.


Now, wait a moment again. Recruits get to watch a video halfway through the route march now? And I thought only NSmen have the privilege of watching videos on their phones throughout their whole route march.

But anyways, they’ve completed the arduous journey.

Well done, 04/20 batch! Burgers or no burgers, it’s a considerable feat. I know because I’ve been through it.

Now it’s time for another burger to celebrate the victory.

Featured Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)