Customer Online Shamed Shop About Tissue in Soup; CCTV Shows Customer Dropped the Tissue In

Image: Stomp

Here’s a story to remind you to always check your facts before complaining about anything and everything.

The whole story can be summarised in this meme here:

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Basically, it’s a case of making something out of nothing, and arguably something that has been caused by no one else except the people complaining.

7 Sep 2019, Red Bean Soup Came With Tissue?

This particular image of red bean soup with a piece of tissue was submitted to STOMP by Stomper Adeline.

Image: Stomp

What she claims in the post, was that the wet wipes came with the bowl. They had ordered three bowls of dessert.

Her father brought the bowl back to the stall, and requested another bowl of dessert since he was scared that the whole pot is contaminated.

She then claims, “However, the stall attendant didn’t even apologise and just gave my dad his $1.70 back and shooed him away.”

As you can expect from any of this kind of posts, it went viral.

CCTV Footage Shows Otherwise

Not willing to take the bullshit and defamation that might come with this, the stall operator checked the CCTV, which you can view the full footage here:

(dropping of tissue starts around 1:04)

Here’s what happened in the video. At the start, you can see an uncle ordering something from the dessert stall.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

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Then proceeding to count what looks like money. The first dessert is Tau Suan, not that it matters to the story.

Image: Stomp

Then the red bean soup is served while the uncle is still semi-distracted by money.

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Then the uncle starts to wipe his mouth with tissue.

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And while turning his head to look around, he dropped the tissue in the red bean soup.

Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp, Gif: Giphy

Both of them don’t seem to have noticed this, and the uncle brought all 3 bowls away without noticing.

Image: Stomp

Stall operator Li Wei hopes the complainers can clarify this.

“I hope that you can clarify this as it has affected my business reputation.”

The video serves as clear evidence that the customer dropped the piece of wet tissue in himself.”

Netizens Calling For Complainer To Apologise

With this evidence, it’s pretty hard to justify the complaint by the Stomper. Netizens, of course, went relentless and wanted the complainer to apologise.

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Image: Facebook (Stomp)
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Image: Facebook (Stomp)

I have one more question: did Adeline get money from STOMP for submitting the story? If have, doesn’t this mean that the hawker only stands to lose?

PSA: Please Practice Critical Thinking Skills

Everything you see, whether on the internet or not, has multiple facets. Just because a bowl of red bean soup has tissue in it, doesn’t mean that the stall was the one who put it in.

It’s like if you see a person walk out of a cubicle, and you enter to find the floor with pee. Is the person who walked out the one who peed on the floor? How you know, right? How you know the person didn’t walk out because the floor got pee? How you know the pee is not actually some kind of water leak?

Just because S’pore is very boring doesn’t mean you gotta assume everything is somebody’s fault.

For all we know, there might be an additional plot twist here. Like, I don’t know, maybe someone stopped time and threw the tissue paper in.

Of course, don’t believe everything Goody Feed says either. Check the sources we provide and decide for yourself.