Remember Chucky? You can now buy his sister for the price of $1


Want a toy girl for a dollar? Well not in that sense. We bet you don’t want, especially after reading this article. Check out this doll that is going for the price of a dollar. Remember Chucky? The 1988 doll from hell? This equally creepy looking doll might just match up to him.

Sold on Craigslist for a dollar, the seller mentions that the doll “has a really cute laugh. No batteries.” which might just be simply a marketing gimmick, but it’ll definitely make you think twice about buying it. He further mentions “Our daughter doesn’t want it anymore. Our dogs won’t stop barking at it and we never find it where we left it.” If that’s true, bro, you got some pretty creepy stuff going on there…

The doll takes the appearance of the typical doll of mid-20th century. Unlike the small Barbie dolls girls play nowadays, it looks pretty huge from the picture. Pale skin and hair, every part of her looks like a typical doll…except for her eyes, which are practically pupil-less. It gives her a perpetually creepy, empty stare. The blackness below her eyes seems to augment the emptiness of the eyes too. And geez, what is she wearing?? We all know that dolls often come in fancy frilly clothes, but this scary looking doll seem to be dressed up for a funeral. The high coloured, primarily black dress makes her look as if she’s from another era, like a misplaced angry doll awaiting revenge.

The advertisement was uploaded to Imgur and Reddit, and elicited long chains of emphatic “Nope”s from the public. That’s totally understandable. One user requests: “Put it under a hydraulic press. Hydraulic presses are the shit.”

Another use mentioned that this doll is barely abnormal if you were to check out the market for dolls like these. Say whaaat? The user explains “Search Ebay for ‘Haunted’ dolls. There’s a bunch”. Right, because everyone in the world needs a haunted doll for company.

True enough, a quick search on the internet proves that there are indeed listings for “haunted dolls” – but you’ll be surprised to know that these dolls even though they are haunted, have prices that ranges from a few dollars to a few thousands! If you’ve watched The Conjuring, Annabelle, Chucky, and you’re totally intrigued by dolls as such, why not get it, as a collector’s item? There’s an entire market for you out there. You’ll even have someone to watch over you when you sleep.

We won’t guarantee your safety though. Just saying.

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