Man Jailed for Reno Scam Whereby He Took Deposits & Then Ghosted the Homeowners

Getting ghosted isn’t fun when you’re dating. But it’s even less fun when it’s your construction contractor whom you’ve paid a hefty sum to.

Salahudin Mohd Rasip served a two year and eight month jail term for cheating in 2013, when he gave a false address to a loan shark and pocketed $234,650 from his company.

Right after he was released in 2015, he went back into the cheating life. On the 19th of April 2022, Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to three out of eight counts of cheating. He has been sentenced to another year and three months worth jail.


The 54-year old’s modus operandi this time, apparently, was offering and promising to complete home renovation works by a certain time.

After he received deposits from his victims, he would then tinker around their homes with no intention of actually fulfilling his end of the contract before going completely uncontactable. 

His legitimacy came from him working at actual firms as a designer-cum-contractor, like King’s Home at Joo Chiat, or Arkitektik Works.

Scam Narrative

His victim’s plights followed similar narratives – Salahudin would promise to renovate a certain area of their houses, receive their deposit in the thousands, then either incomplete or no renovative work would be done before his victims were ghosted.

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The three charges were for three separate cases, with a 55-year old man in September of 2015, a 65-year old man in the same year, and a 33-year old man in December 2015.

The scam amounts were $9,500, $6,500 and $12,670 respectively. In total, his winnings came up to a whopping sum of $28,670.

On the 19th of April, Salahudin’s bail was set at $15,000, and he is set to surrender at the state courts on May 10 to begin serving his second jail sentence.

With all the scams happening lately, it’s a timely reminder to hold your money closer to your chest.

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