Everything About the Reopening of Public BBQ Pits & Campsites from 20 Jan

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Remember the days of the circuit breaker and Phase 1?

It’s hard to believe now, but back then, simply meeting your friend was a crime.

We were so starved of socialisation that if we happened to see a friend or relative in the supermarket queue, it felt like reuniting with a long-lost twin.

Thankfully, as the months passed, local infections dwindled, and the authorities relaxed some restrictions.

Now, you can meet seven of your friends, eat at coffee shops, and soon sing at KTV outlets.

But that’s not all.

Public Campsites & BBQ Pits to Reopen from 20 Jan

Get out your dusty old tents, order an obscene amount of meat, and soak in a bathtub of sunscreen, because you’ll soon be able to fire up the grill and camp out!

That’s right, from 20 Jan, some campsites in parks and BBQ pits will reopen, according to the National Parks Board (NParks).

(Yes, this includes the campsites in Pulau Ubin).

On 13 Jan, NParks posted an update on its online noticeboard, informing residents that public campsites in its parks and BBQ pits will be permitted to reopen.

Do note that you can’t simply choose a spot at the campsites and set up your tent.

You’ll first have to make an application online via AXS.

Those looking to set up camp in Pulau Ubin should apply here. 

If you’re planning to camp out, do ensure that you maintain a five-metre distance from other camping tents.

A maximum of six campers are allowed in each tent.

As for BBQ activities, do ensure that you adhere to the prevailing restrictions on social gatherings, which limits group sizes to 8 people.


All BBQ activities should also end by 10.30pm.

Yes, it’s rather early, but it’s better than nothing, right?

You can apply for a BBQ pit here. 

Applicants Are Responsible For All Participants

You should also know that as an applicant for either the BBQ pit or campsite, you are responsible for ensuring that all participants invited comply with prevailing laws and regulations.

This includes:

  • Keeping the group within the approved limit of 8 persons at all times
  • Ensuring that all participants either check in with the TraceTogether app and keep their apps turned on, or bring their TraceTogether token
  • Maintaining records of participants and keep these records for at least 25 days after the activity
  • Ensuring that there is no intermingling with other groups
  • Conducting checks for visible respiratory symptoms for the group and disallowing any participant with a fever and/or who appear unwell from being at the Barbecue Pit or Park.
  • Ensuring that all participants wear masks, which can only be taken off during strenuous exercise, or when consuming food, drink, or medication.
  • Ensuring camping tents are at least 5m away from another tent to allow for activities and safe distancing
  • Observing the signs and complying with instructions from NParks officers

No matter how excited you are for your camping trip, please stay at home if you happen to develop symptoms associated with Covid-19.

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All it takes is just one infection in a gathering for a cluster to form.

Featured Image: NParks

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