Residents Burned Offerings in HDB Corridor That Led to Auto Shutdown of Lifts

What’s worst than having a bad day?

Two malfunctioning lifts.

And that situation is automatically made worse when you realise you stay on the top floor.

Now, a moment of silence for the residents of Block 747B Bedok Reservoir Crescent as both of their lifts were shut off at around 11:00 a.m. on  25 August 2019 (it’s a Sunday, FYI).

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Too Much Smoke 

The incident happened after residents conducted prayers along a corridor on the third floor.

Image: STOMP

The smoke from the religious routine had caused both lifts that were equipped with smoke detectors to automatically shut off due to the amount of smoke that went in.

The neighbours’ houses were also filled with smoke.

The lift contractor was sent down to assess the situation and the lifts were back in operation soon after. #hengah

Burning Offerings Along the Common Corridor 

Last year, a concerned father took to Facebook to ask what he can do to make his neighbour stop burning incense papers along the corridor as he was concerned about his baby’s health.

A Facebook video that was circulated around Mid-Autumn last year showed residents burning paper along the corridors of their flats for Mid-Autumn celebrations.

Both of these videos have stirred questions and conversations as to whether HDB should allow people to burn offerings along the corridors.

The town council has advised for residents not to burn joss offerings along the common areas and to practise good neighbourliness.

Let’s all be responsible citizens and don’t anyhowly burn offerings, and Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs), just think of the children.

But now that the Seventh Month is over, we’d have to wait one year to see if the situation has improved.

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