Residents Of Apartment Complex Come Home To Find A Shitty Mess On Elevator Buttons, Literally

People can be really inconsiderate sometimes.

Shoving you while boarding the train, cutting your queue while getting food or stealing your worksheet to copy the answers.


At least in Singapore, chewing gum is banned so you don’t get jokers pasting them on chairs or lift buttons anymore.

But what if someone didn’t just paste gum on those lovely lift buttons?

What if someone straight up smeared poop on it?

Crappy Situation

I’m not sure if I should be glad or concerned that I ate right before doing this article.

A user on Facebook user Rayyan Rizqi shared on INFO BERITA SEMASA a pretty…unsanitary discovery.

Why the emphasis?

Well, someone apparently lathered actual human poop all over an elevator in Taman Medan Jaya Apartment, Petaling Jaya.

Warning: picture contains real human poop. Please look at your own discretion.

Image: Facebook (INFO BERITA SEMASA)

Oh, what’s that I feel in my stomach? Is that my lunch?

Probably is.

Apparently, residents realised a weird smell that resembled something funky was coming from the elevator at 8am on 18 December.

They thought it might have been garbage but nope, had to be sh*t.

Image: fanpop

Many residents were apprehensive about complaining to the authorities out of fear that their vehicles might be targeted by the vandals.

Still, you shouldn’t just sit by and let this slide.

The head of the apartment also shared that JMB (Joint Management Agency) took nearly an hour to clean out the poop from the elevator’s buttons.

If the workers were in a bad mood, I doubt the situation would have up-lifted them.

Get it? Elevator-lift joke?

I’ll stop.

Image: Giphy

He also mentions that a police report has been made and hopes that the residents will take care of the area’s facilities.


Putting poop on lift buttons is just a little inconsiderate, you know?

Just a little.

As of this writing, the poop smell is apparently still there and will likely take a bit longer before it completely dissipates.

Image: Tenor

A not-so-gentle reminder to please put your sh*t where it belongs, readers.

In the dang toilet bowl. 



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