Rich Brian Finds Love At First Sight; Slides Into Her DMs & Writes Song About Her


It’s probably every fan’s dream to get noticed by their favourite celebrity because they idolise them.

It would be so cool to be friends with them and find out what they’re really like.

Or maybe, some of us don’t want to meet our idols because we’re too afraid of disappointing them.

Image: Imgur

Geordi La Forge should have just stayed in the Enterprise.

But of course, it is a surreal feeling to meet and talk to them because you feel like they’re someone of status while you’re just a normal person.

Especially when they suddenly put a photo of you out there on their Instagram story and say you’re cute.

And then they tell you that they have a crush on you.

And then they try to find you on social media so that they can talk to you.

And then they write a song about you.

Now, I know that sounds like some fan-made movie, but I can assure you, it isn’t because this really happened.

Rich Brian Sets Out To Find Love At First Sight

On Saturday, 19 October, a series of tweets by Twitter user @jackiiieeg showcased Rich Brian finding his love at first sight when he spotted her in the front row of his recent concert.

Image: Twitter (@jackiiieeg)

He posted the screenshot of the photo on his Instagram story and added a caption saying, “Whoever this was, you were very cute and if you’re out there reading this, just wanted to let you know. LMAOOOO.”

And it’s really cute because if you thought this was just a moment of attraction, think again because he went as far as to admit on his Instagram story that he had a crush on her.

Image: Twitter (@jackiiieeg)

It’s good that we’re living in an age where social media is used so widely. If this was the past, he probably wouldn’t be able to find that girl again because she wouldn’t even have known that he was interested in her.

Posting the photo of that girl on his Instagram story made everyone aware and they all helped him to find the girl! And he did.

Image: Twitter (@jackiiieeg)

Look at him all smiling. We bet someone’s really happy he found his love at first sight!

Conquest To Make Her His?

Being as smooth as possible, he slid into her DMs with a short and sweet “O Hey” followed by a picture.

Image: Twitter (@jackiiieeg)

We’re assuming things probably went pretty well because he posted an update saying that he was already composing a song inspired by her.

Image: Twitter (@jackiiieeg)

This is like a movie come true. 

Who would have thought that going to a concert in hopes of meeting your idol would end with you going on a date with said idol?


That girl is incredibly lucky and we think Rich Brian is, too, for actually being able to find her.

So, for the uninitiated: Who is Rich Brian?

Rich Brian: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Record Producer

The 20-year-old Indonesian propelled to stardom in 2016 with his viral single, “Dat $tick”.

Since then, he has released two albums. Currently living in the US, you can say that he’s the Asian version of Justin Bieber.