Rich Man in China Filmed Proposing to Lady with Lambo as a Gift & Strawberrified When He Got Rejected

Image: Facebook (South China Morning Post)

Whether you’re a fan of proposal videos or not, we all know there’s only two ways it can go.

We either sit back and gush about how romantic that was, or cringe (or let’s face it: laugh) at how awkward the rejection was.

Today, it is my unfortunate duty to present a proposal that went wrong, a true case of ‘Got money, but no honey,’.

Published in October 2018, a clip recently resurfaced after going viral last year.

It depicted a scene that took place when a rich young man went on one knee in front of his lady outside on Wanda Plaza Complex in Changha, Hunan China.

With him were a few of his friends holding confetti, a bouquet of roses, balloons and an orange Lamborghini.

Image: Facebook (South China Morning Post)

The best-est of all? He proposed…after knowing her for 100 days. Must be true love.

Image: Facebook (South China Morning Post)

Despite the extravagant display of his wealth, he was nevertheless rejected by the lady.

He was heard saying, “I have money, I bought your favourite sports car for you,” in Chinese but the woman had politely rejected him in English, saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to. I’m so sorry,”

While he looked dejected, he continued to persist, grabbing her and begging her to marry him.

Image: Facebook (South China Morning Post)

He tried to reason further, saying, “I have money, I am rich. I can buy for you many cars like this.”

(to which, all my ladies…)

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Image: giphy

At this point, the woman loses her cool, shouting back, “You have money, so what?” And she storms off, leaving everyone stunned.

But that is not all.

Mr Rich Guy, in all his devastation, flew into a frenzy.

He morphed into a strawberry threw the bouquet towards the direction of the camera, and soon after began to throw himself unto the display products near him.

Image: Facebook (South China Morning Post)
Image: Facebook (South China Morning Post)

When the South China Morning Post shared the video, comment by a Facebook user were as follows:

Good for her. A guy who reacts like this will turn violent in a relationship at any point things don’t go his way. He should spend his money on some anger management courses.’

Well said.

On one hand, this is proof that money simply can’t buy you love.

Right, Gatsby?

Image: allthingsshantae

On the other, controversy has also sparked about the viral video, with claims that the entire failed proposal was fake.

In fact, some viewers have speculated that it was purely for marketing purposes for Wanda Plaza Complex.

Nevertheless, it teaches us all a lesson. Money isn’t everything in life. And rejection isn’t the end of your life.

As the queen Oprah said, “Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

Image: Tenor

Or in this case, someone that stays with you even when your orange Lambo doesn’t impress.

You can watch the video here and see how cool Wanda Plaza Complex is:

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Money (and luxury sports car) can't buy you love.

Posted by South China Morning Post on Tuesday, 19 February 2019