Grab Rider In the Wrong But Passive-Aggressively Said This to Driver: ‘You Are Just a Driver’

Image: TY Lim / / Facebook

In another case of self-entitlement, a Grab rider appears to have convinced herself of moral and legal superiority, despite clearly being in the wrong.

Jae Kyomen And His Woeful Experience with Entitled Grab Rider

Facebook user and Grab driver, Jae Kyomen, took to Facebook yesterday morning (6 June 2019) to share a downright disheartening encounter with a Grab rider.

Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen

A rider had booked Jae’s GrabCar-6 for pick-up in the Telok Blangah area and had indicated there was a total of “6 pax with 1 toddler.”

In the next screenshot, the rider messaged Jae to ask if he had “read [her] note”.

Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen

Jae clarified that he was not able to accede to the booking as her total booking pax would be considered 7, above the 6-limit that a GrabCar 6 could carry.

This was in accordance with Singapore ‘s Road Traffic Act and the guidelines are also listed on Grab’s website.

Image: Screenshot from Grab’s website

As the conversation continued, Jae questioned why the rider knowingly booked what would be an illegal ride.

The rider replied snarkily that she had “Put At [sic] Note Before Booking” and questioned why Jae had accepted the booking in return.

Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen

Jae then shared that notes were only visible after booking acceptance and questioned why the rider had expected the driver to break the law despite knowing so.

He then advised her to cancel the booking to avoid “cancellation charge” and told her to consider other ride options instead of GrabCar-6.

Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen

Told Not To Accept

In subsequent screenshots, Jae shared that he had informed Grab of the situation and was rightly told not to accept the rider’s booking.

The rider obstinately refused to cancel the booking and Jae advised that she would not be able to book another GrabCar-6 after he had effected the cancellation.

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Then came the rider’s bombshell comment “by all means.. and you are just a driver.. customers are always right..”

Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen
Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen

To Jae’s credit, he remained level-headed and calm and promptly reminded the rider that his job was to follow the law despite the rider’s obvious threats as she sought to intimidate Jae.

Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen
Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen

By the way, who arh?

Unanimous Response

Needless to say, the internet majority made clear who it thought was in the right.

Many understood right from wrong and could count from 6 to 7.

Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen
Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen

One suggested with insight that the rider must have done this before successfully and thus was emboldened.

Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen

One person summed it up best though.

Image: Facebook/Jae Kyomen

Important, but hey, if you are wrong, you are just wrong. No qualms about that.

And don’t be passive aggressive. That’s worse than aggressive.