Food Delivery Rider’s HDB Lift Journey Turns into a Highly Relatable Cockroach Nightmare

Cockroaches. Why do they exist?

Not many people in this world can stand cockroaches, and a particular food delivery rider is no exception.

Unfortunately, some people have to face their greatest fears when forced into a closed common space with these pests.

Here’s what happened to the food delivery rider when a cockroach was a passenger in the HDB lift with him.

Cockroach Was in Lift With Food Delivery Rider

In a short 28-second video posted on the social media platform TikTok, we could all feel user @ usuvke’s fear.

@usuvkelet me work in peace♬ Funny lazy donkey (hilarious song)(937200) – LEOPARD

The video is a hectic one, with the start of the video showing a cockroach running rogue (literally) on the floor of the HDB lift.

Image: TikTok (@usuvke)

Then, we catch glimpses of a food delivery package.

It is revealed that the person filming the cockroach running amok is a food delivery rider.

Unfortunately, the two were stuck in the lift, whose doors had already closed and was on its way up to the selected floor.

As the video continues, we see that the persistent cockroach kept running around the lift floor, even moving dangerously close to the feet of the food delivery rider at one point.

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Food Delivery Rider Put His Feet Up on the Handrails to Escape the Pest

The next moment, we catch a glimpse of a pair of feet on the handrails in the lift. It seems that the agile food delivery driver had climbed up on the handrails in a bid to escape the cockroach.

Image: TikTok (@usuvke)

Remember when Peter Parker was bitten by a spider during a lab class and later developed powers which would turn him into the superhero Spiderman?

Being face-to-face in close proximity with a cockroach gives you superpowers to climb the handrails.

While holding some food, no less. We hope that the food arrived at the homeowner unscathed.

As the user continued to video the cockroach running on the floor, the camera pans to the person filming.

We see the fear in his eyes. Literally.

The food delivery rider is clad in a grey sweater and is wearing his helmet, but that, unfortunately, serves as no protection from the evil cockroach.

Eventually, the lift reaches its destination, and the food delivery driver leaps off the handrails and makes a dash out of the dodgy lift.

His harrowing experience finally ends.

We must say, though, that you should have a solid stomach to make it through the entire video. Not just because it features cockroaches but because it is also extremely shaky (we don’t blame user @usuvke, though, we would be trembling in fear if we were in his shoes as well).