The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Contact Lenses with Tap Water

Contact lenses users, I’m pretty sure you’ve been caught in this scenario at least once in your life. You take out your lens from one eye as you’re getting ready to sleep, and as you reach out for your solution bottle, you find that there’s no more liquid inside.

NOT a single saline drop. Die la. What to do now?

You look in front of you and see the tap. Hmm… Can I just wash it with tap water this once ah? After all, Singapore tap water so pure lei.

Don’t. Here’s why!

The Harmful Effects

If you store or rinse your contact lenses with tap water, you’re exposing it to harm. Contact solution’s been designed specifically to clean and disinfect your lenses. Tap water? No.

On top of that, tap water could allow harmful pathogens and bacteria to breed on your contacts. While the tap water is purified, it simply isn’t enough!

The biggest danger is getting a parasitic eye infection known as Acanthamoeba keratitis. There was actually a case in Cornwall, England where a patient lost his eye.

The disease attacks the cornea, causing its patient to have limited eyesight and even blindness.

The pain? Imagine having a bad tooth day, only on your eyeball!

Other Things YOU Shouldn’t Do With Your Contact Lenses

Don’t share the same pair of lenses with another. NEVER make your own saline solution for your contact lenses either.

There are some people out there who use saliva to wet their contacts – a huge no-no. Don’t simply buy your contact lenses at any shady shop – always go to an optician or ophthalmologist.

How To Care For Your Contact Lenses

You might be practising proper hygiene with your lenses already. Still, it’s good to learn if there’s anything extra you can do.

Always wash and dry your hands before you start work on your lenses. Change your lens cases regularly.

Be sure to take the lenses off before you bathe or go for a swim. Practice the habit of using fresh solution to clean, rinse and finally store your contact lenses.

Use a solution that is recommended by your eye doctor.

Never wash your lenses with tap water. Do not use your lens for a longer timeframe than its actual expiry. PLEASE don’t even think of using your saliva to clean your lenses.

I mean, imagine if you just had a hot bowl of Tomyam soup 30 minutes ago, and use your saliva to clean your lens. I cannot even imagine the level of bacteria that are in the mouth, no matter how clean you say you keep it.

So just don’t.

And if you’re worried about running out of solution bottles, always keep two or three extra bottles around. The moment you realize you only have one spare bottle left, it’s time to head out and buy some more.

You will also need to do regular eye check-ups with your doctor to ensure that your eyes are looking great (pun intended).

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