New Footage Shows What Happened Before the Car Plate Tossing Incident


Last Updated on 2022-07-12 , 3:10 pm

Someone once said this: “To drive in Singapore, you need to let others have the delusion that their time is much more valuable than yours.”

That advice has most probably prevented many road rage incidents and accidents.

But it seems like someone didn’t heed the advice, and has now been the talk of the town.

New Footage Shows What Happened Before the Car Plate Tossing Incident

When the viral video of a woman confronting a Toyota Alphard aggressively went extremely viral over the weekend, many people wondered what could’ve caused such a rage in the woman.

The Malaysian police has come out to say that it was due to a lane-changing incident, but didn’t provide much details.

Now, footage of what happened has emerged online.

The videos, provided by the son of the Alphard driver, appear to be the dashcam footage of how it all began.

In the first footage, it shows the red Kia Cerato trying to cut in from the right, with someone honking incessantly.

The driver was speaking in Malay, and the honking continues as the Cerato managed to cut into the lane while the woman was seen with her head out, assessing the “damage” (if there’s anything).

However, it should be noted that the side mirror appears to have folded in.

Image: Facebook (Linni Malik)

Then the woman, who turns out to be the passenger instead of the driver, whipped her phone out to take footage of the Alphard.

Image: Facebook (Linni Malik)

In the second footage, something even more bizarre happened: the woman leaned out from the window, appearing to assess any damage to the car.

Not once, but twice.

And you should know what happened after that.


So, yeah, for those of you who think that something dramatic might have happened before the road rage, you’re wrong: It’s just another Saturday when someone has the delusion that her time is much more valuable than others.

Malaysia Police Now Looking for the Red Kia Cerato Passenger and Driver

Because this took place in Malaysia, the Malaysian police are now looking for the couple involved in the road rage.

The police have classified it as a case of mischief.

And lest you’re wondering, no, there was no injury reported, except for maybe some bruised ego.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Linni Malik)