Robotics Firm Wants To Buy Your Face For S$175,000 To Use On Their Robots

Keen to make a quick buck, but absolutely unwilling to break any significant moral values for it?

Well, I’ve just the lobang for you.

According to WorldOfBuzzan unnamed robotics firm has contacted to look for someone to represent their new robots…

And they’re reportedly willing to pay a handsome fee of £100,000 to the right person for the license to use their face!

Image: Gfycat

Yes, folks, selling your body’s so 2018.

It’s time to sell your face, and by that I mean literally.

Robotics Firm Wants To Buy Your Face For S$175,000 To Use On Their Robots

An unnamed robotics firm is looking for a human face for their robots.

And yours might just be the lucky one.

According to WorldOfBuzzthe robotics firm has asked Geomiq to help them with the finishing touches, to complete what’s believed to be a state-of-the-art humanoid robot. And apparently, they want a “kind and friendly” face to front their newest line of robots.

Think you’ve got the star quality to be the face of An Unnamed Robotics firm? Apply now at… the link prescribed below.

Admittedly, there aren’t many revealed details on the project… just yet. However, the company has informed that if your face is chosen, you will likely be able to see your visage reproduced on potentially thousands of versions of the robots worldwide.

“What kind of robots?” you wonder hesitantly. “It’s not one of those… err… you know you know?”

Well, I’ve no idea what you’re thinking about, but these robots are slated to act as a ‘virtual friend’ for elderly people, and will reportedly be produced next year.

No specification about the type of virtual friend though, so…

And So… What’re You Waiting For?

Granted, the whole idea might sound just a little shady. A hundred thousand pounds for the licensing of your face? Sounds like a real scam, doesn’t it? To its credit, however, the robotics firm in question seems to, at the very least, have the financial backing for it. According to Geomiq, the robotics firm is privately-funded by several VCs, one of which includes a top fund based in Shanghai.

Also, it should be mentioned that the quest has so far been met with mixed reactions from the public. According to sources, a portion of the public have stated that the firm should just generate a fake face using information from datasets, that reportedly have over 100,000 realistic not actually real faces on it. Case in example?

Sophia, the famous humanoid robot.

Looking gorgeous. And no I’m not saying it because she looks like she might destroy the planet if I say anything else. Image: Toronto Star

Nevertheless, you can still try your luck here. According to reports, successful candidates who manage to make it through the next phase will be fully briefed on the project.

And so… all the best, my fellow ladies and gentlemen. Granted, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be the next Robotics Idol, but hey;

It’s better to try, than to not try at all, right?

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