Rochor NPC Rode on Avengers: Endgame Trend Again to Spread Anti-Crime Messages

Here’s the thing: we’re 101% sure that the social media team in Rochor NPC is reading this, and it’s not because we’re BFFs with SPF as we’ve done a few anti-spam videos with them:

It’s because when we wrote about them earlier this year…they shared our article on their Facebook Page:

Image: Facebook (Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre)

Other than spelling their name wrongly, they even mentioned that our speculation was wrong: the social media team’s not made up of everything-also-gram young NSFs, but regulars as well.

Not sure if they’ll be sending officers over to handcuff us for #fakenews, but if you guys are coming, kindly help dabao eight packs of chicken rice (one chicken breast for BuffLord95) opposite our office. Also, our office building car park is a private car park only for season parking holders, so kindly park at Enterprise Centre, which is just beside our building.

But anyways, if you’ve been coming to our app regularly, you’d know that we’re fans of two Facebook Pages: Steven Lim’s Facebook Page and Rochor NPC Facebook Page.

Steven Lim because he’s a Kor Kor.

And Rochor NPC because they’re like SGAG but with a message.

Like these latest memes.

Everything Started with Captain Goose Marvel

Last month, Captain Marvel landed on our planet and on the day of its release, SGT Marvel appeared in their Facebook Page.

So if anyone of you under Rochor NPC dares to disturb a cat, you’d better think twice.

Then as Endgame inched closer to us…they upped their meme game with this:

Lest you’re not aware, it was then popular to post this meme. The old folks regulars and NSFs in Rochor NPC must have been very active in social media.

Next came our favourite character.

The meme speaks a thousand words. But just for factual correction, the cat there isn’t Goose.

Goose is a ginger cat. That is a taddy cat.

Totally different.

SGT Marvel, please do something about this.

And the folks there still didn’t stop. They went Shazam! instead, and I bet my boss’ car that loyalty to Marvel isn’t in their blood.


But this last one took the cake.

Damn it, for those NSFs in Rochor NPC, please email [email protected] . We’ll pay you double (or even triple!!!) of what SPF is giving you now and will help prepare your “resignation letter” for you.

Join us, please.


Whatever it takes.


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