Rolls-Royce Laying Off 240 People in S’pore After Losing S$5 Billion This Year So Far


Pretty soon, we will be turning our heads back to the global pandemic that we are still very much in the midst of, in case anyone has forgotten.

Our local cases also seem to be going on the rise ever so slightly, with 21 cases yesterday.

As we struggle to keep our health safe from the ravages of the COVID-19, our economy is taking a very hard hit.

Fresh graduates are having the worst time possible finding a job in an economy where businesses are closing down and people are getting retrenched.

Rolls-Royce Executes Massive Layoff 

Not even the Spirit of Ecstasy has protected one of the largest car and aero-engine manufacturers in the world, it seems.

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Currently, Rolls-Royce employs about 1000 people in Singapore making fan blades and assembling and testing engines at the Seletar Aerospace Park.

Amidst the pandemic, they are cutting about 240 people from employment – that’s almost one-fifth. This comes after their decision in May to cut 9000 jobs worldwide.

Aviation Industry Will Take Years To Recover

Due to the widespread pandemic, it’s fair to say that the aviation industry isn’t doing very well at all. In fact, it might be doing the worst.

With the severe impact on tourism and flights, the aerospace engineering end is taking an equally massive hit.

The industry and market, on the whole, will take several years to recover, according to Mr Bicky Bhangu, the president of Rolls-Royce for South-east Asia, the Pacific and South Korea.


Global Retrenchment

Of course, Rolls-Royce is far from the only big company that is experiencing issues so severe that they have to lay off their staff.

Even our local powerhouse Grab, who has pretty much monopolised the entire private-hire industry, had to retrench 360 of their employees.

While there is no good way to retrench an employee, Good Guy Grab is providing them with an extensive support package, including emotional support, a free laptop, medical insurance coverage, all on top of their severance paycheck.

Hats off, indeed.

Save The World

It seems like the world is going to sh*t right now. So, what’s the best thing we can do?

Other than the scientists and doctors, it’s up to each individual to save the world.

It’s really easy – continue following regulations religiously and practice all safety measures. The last thing we want is another Circuit Breaker like Melbourne is experiencing right now.

And with enough luck, we could put this entire global pandemic behind us.


Then if the world hasn’t ended in 2060, your kids can get to ask: “Grandpa/grandma, what happened in 2020? What is the coronavirus?”

And you get to go:

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*PTSD intensifies*