RP Candidate Who’s Been Meme-ified Responds to Overnight Fame; Want to Migrate if PAP Gets More than 65% Votes


This is Charles Yeo.

He’s the candidate contesting for Ang Mo Kio GRC under the Reform Party.

And as of 3 Jul, he’s also the overnight sensation of GE2020.

Yes, even more so than Mr Masagos calling Lee Hsien Yang the prime minister of Singapore.

Meme-ified Charles Yeo

If you were watching the political constituency broadcast on 3 Jul, you’ll know that the RP formation during the broadcast wasn’t very strong.

There were 5 seats but only 2 were occupied, one by fresh-face Charles Yeo and the other by teammate Madam Noraini Yunus.

In case you’re wondering what happened to the other three, the party leader, Mr Kenneth Jeyetratnam is under Stay-Home-Notice:


While party-mate Darren Soh is unwell, according to AsiaOne.

Darren Soh was supposed to give the party message in Mandarin but as he wasn’t there, Charles Yeo has to pick up the slack.

So everyone’s favourite meme, Charles Yeo, plucked up his courage and gave the message in Chinese himself.

*Cue the internet*

Image: Twitter

Of course, he has had some good comments as well because the internet is nothing else but fair:

Image: Reddit

Well, so what does the man of the hour think about the sudden attention?

I Can’t Control What Other People Think Of Me

When the reporters from the Lianhe Zaobao caught up with candidate Charles Yeo, he only has one thing to say:

 “As someone who advocates for freedom of speech, I acknowledge that I have no control over what others want to say about me. Netizens can say what they want.”

While he had stumbled through his speech, he added that what he had said aligns with the beliefs of the Reform Party.

He revealed that he only had 15 to 20 minutes to prepare for the Mandarin speech,

“If the Opposition gets less than 35 to 40 per cent of the votes this election, I would wish to migrate.”

Yeo also shared that if the Opposition gets lesser than 35 to 40% of the votes in this GE, he will wish to leave Singapore.

Not because people cannot vote for PAP, he clarified, but because he did not want to be part of a society that affirms “these values”.


“After all, I did not join this election to win or to fulfil someone’s wishes. I took part because it’s my moral obligation.”

He also said that he now knows what “cardboard” is in Chinese now.

The Fight in Ang Mo Kio GRC

The Reform Party team is up against a powerhouse PAP team, comprising PM Lee Hsien Loong, ex-Pyramid Game host Darryl David, Gan Thiam Poh, Ng Ling Ling and Nadia Samdin.

The constituency now has five seats instead of six during the last election.

In the 2015 election, PM Lee’s team won the constituency with 78.63% of the votes, one of the best victories during the election (losing only to Jurong GRC whereby the team won with 79.28%). They were then up against the Reform Party as well, with the team comprising Osman Bin Sulaiman, Gilbert Goh, M Ravi, Roy Ngerng, Siva Chandran and Jessie Loo.

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