Rui En Felt ‘Relief’ When She Was Tested Positive for COVID-19 As She Hated Suspense


Once, Dr Leong Hoe Nam, an infectious disease specialist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, declared that getting COVID-19 is “a rite of passage for everyone living on earth” because of how unavoidable and viral the coronavirus was.

Singaporean Actress Rui En seems to echo the same sentiment as she posted on Instagram yesterday (13 Feb), that she “FINALLY tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week”, and that she was “blessed that it [was] Omicron and not Delta”.

The capitalisation of the word “FINALLY” is verbatim, by the way.


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Tested Positive But With Mild Symptoms

According to the 41-year-old actress’ account, she only experienced mild symptoms from the infection, such as a sore throat that went away after two days, some coughing, blocked and running nose, a brief bout of insomnia that caught her surprise, but no fevers or body aches.

She continues to add that she had flus with worse symptoms and she’s fairly certain that she will be able to leave the house soon.

Rather than being anxious, depressed or worried, all Rui En felt when she tested positive for COVID-19 was relief.


In her words, the only thought that occurred to her was, “Oh, so this is it? Really?!”

It seemed so anticlimactic to her, and she was glad that contracted it at last because she “has always hated the suspense”.

At least now that she has caught it, she knows what to expect if it ever comes at her again next time.

Glad That It’s Omicron and Not Delta

With the amount of information constantly circulating the internet and the waves of Omicron crashing into various countries, it’s already apparent to all of us that Omicron is much milder and less damaging than its sibling variants.

The short explanation for the difference is that Omicron targets the upper respiratory tract mostly, whilst Delta is more severe and is capable of scarring the lungs in the worst of circumstances.

Rui En similarly voices her awareness that she wouldn’t be feeling any relief if she had contracted Delta, especially since she had heard from some of her friends about how terrible Delta was, to the extent where they described it as “hell on earth”.

She adds, “Yes, I am aware that I have the luxury of being able to feel this way because [I have] no elderly and children at home (was a little concerned the cats would catch it).”

Don’t worry, Miss Actress, your cats are probably safe for the most part, only the lions, Iowa deers, and hippos have caught COVID-19 thus far.

But Rui En is right in saying that she’s lucky to catch it at the end when the virus is slowly becoming less lethal and when she had already been fully vaccinated with a booster shot to bolster her immunity.

The Singaporean actress even called COVID-19 the bogeyman of our generation, where the current threat is actually much smaller than what we have initially imagined.

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Staying Vigilant and Being Socially Responsible

However, regardless of her relief and renewed perception of COVID-19, she still advises and warns her fans to be careful in the last paragraph of her post:

“Guys, stay vigilant and socially responsible, but no need to let fear rule your life. By no means am I advocating for you to rip off your mask and kiss a stranger on the street, but haven’t we put our lives on hold long enough?”

In quintessence, Rui En is saying don’t take her post as a reason to play crazy and decide to hell with the masks and safety protocols, my role model/favourite artist said that it’s fine and life needs to go on so I have the permission to do what I want.

That’s definitely not the message she’s trying to deliver; read the header.


Continue to abide by the safety management measures for your own health’s sake, because while the cases of infection have dropped to 9,420 on Sunday (13 Feb), the numbers are still pretty high.

We’re not completely out of the red yet.

Having to relent on your fears and going about your life as normally as possible is a hard balance to strike, but we’ll have to manage it somehow.

Perhaps start by accepting the coronavirus as an inevitable part of our lives, then taking it in our stride if it ever hits with the offered medical assistance and advice that has been reiterated on every COVID-19-related infographic, news, and press conference.

Singapore, and the world, will make it through eventually.

Just like we did for SARS, H1N1, and Dengue.


No one knows when the endemic is, but time marches on, nevertheless.

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