Running Man Members All Suffered Slipped Disc & Went Through Surgical Procedures Just for the Show

Back in the good old days when Netflix hasn’t landed in Singapore and video-streaming services aren’t mature, we were all watching Running Man but had to resort to websites that lagged on specific timings.

While some of us have stopped chasing the show, the show is still going strong, with two new members after Kang Gary’s sudden departure.

But what you didn’t know is that despite all the fun and laughter you see on screen, what happened off-screen isn’t for the faint-hearted.

If you’ve watch just one episode of the show, you’d know how dangerous it can be despite the members laughing it off on screen.

I mean, have you seen how sometimes, their clothes were ripped off instead of the tags? And how dangerous is it when you’re being shoved out of a little room filled with people?

It’s amazing how they managed to come in every week without fail.

But it seems like it comes with a price.

Haha’s Interview with YouTuber

Korean Englishman is a British YouTube channel by 30-year-old Joshua Daryl Carrott and 31-year-old Oliver John Kendal. The channel introduces Korea culture to its audience, and it’s so popular that even Pikachu Ryan Reynolds has appeared as a guest.

Last Wednesday (22 May 2019), they started a new series, in which Korean celebrities would introduce Korean food to the viewers.

And for their first episode, they managed to invite Haha.

Initially, the interview was all about food (I’ve a feeling that the restaurant belongs to Haha), but then when asked about Running Man, Haha disclosed something new.

Filming Running Man Was Draining Their Health

While he didn’t mention anything about injuries, he said something that sounded painful just by hearing it: slipped disc.

Here’s a transcript of what he said:

“Everyone’s got slipped disks while filming that show. Everyone’s suffered herniated disks.

“Jong-kook was first, and then Jae-Seok. But while we were filming…(cut off). Yeah, he had disk problem before, but despite his condition he kept on filming till the end.

“Kwang-soo went home after filming and was found in his bed with herniated desk the next day, and his manager had to carry him to the hospital like this. Everyone’s got disk operations. Surgical procedures.

“Seriously, everyone’s got health issues. We need rehab treatment, but we don’t have the time.”

And surprisingly, he didn’t say it with any emotion; he’s like relating his experience with a good friend and then went back to his food.

What is Slipped Disc?

For Singaporean males, we’d remember slipped disc as a health condition that warrants a PES C, which means NS enlistees wouldn’t need to be in a combat vocation.

Chances are, you’ve a friend with slipped disc and he or she would say that the pain is unbearable.

But what exactly is slipped disc?

Basically, our spine is made up of bones that are “connected” by soft and jelly-like disks so that we can bend down. When there’s a crack in the disk, the “jelly” would escape and irritate the nerves around the area, causing great pain.


Remedy usually involves treating the pain, but if it is serious, surgery is required to remove the protruding portion of the disk.

As mentioned by Haha, all of them needed surgery, so their conditions are all serious.

But what caused slipped disc?

There are many causes, but it usually involved people between 20 to 50 years old. For the cast, it could have been due to the physical repetition of “pushing, pulling, or twisting” actions.

You can watch the entire video here (the part about Running Man starts from 8:08):


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