Sad S’pore Man Gets Drenched In Rain Because His Sunroof Wouldn’t Close

Image: Facebook (Edmund Ho)


Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Image: Tenor

Been there, done that. We’ve all experienced our fair share of rainy days. You might be thinking, “For Pete’s sake! You live in Singapore, since when has there not been rain?”

I’m not talking about that kind of rain. I’m talking about this kind of rain!

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I’m here to normalise the fact that sometimes… Life can suck! If you didn’t already know that, it does. Things just don’t work the way they should from time to time.

Like this guy’s sunroof.

Image: Facebook (Edmund Ho)

Is this an appropriate time to crack a rather unfunny joke? Of course it is! I guess this guy’s got raindrops literally falling on his head.

Sun Roof Malfunction 

Now, everybody has dreamt of owning a car with a sunroof. It’s only the best thing on earth! In western movies, sunroofs have always been associated with summers of endless possibilities and road trips with the gang.

Image: Gfycat

However, this incident has proven that… Maybe it isn’t so much of a great idea.


The guy in the video was identified to be, Shown Luo. In Shown’s defence, nobody ever did say that sunroofs could malfunction that badly… On a particularly rainy day.

Image: NetAnimations

Here’s the full video if you haven’t already seen it:

When The Roof Cannot Close

As with the caption, “Having a car with a sunroof is cool, they say…”

Here’s what unfolded during the course of sunroof mishap.

An extremely drenched interior. I already feel the sweat and the money from the labour that’s about to be put into drying an extremely damp car.

Image: Facebook (Edmund Ho)

A very soaked man in a purple dress shirt… Who probably got his socks wet. Nothing is worse than wet socks.

Image: Facebook (Edmund Ho)

Well, he couldn’t have prevented it even if he had wanted to. At least he poked a little bit of fun at himself. That ought to take away some of the frustration! At least, I hope it did.

Image: Giphy