SAF To Detonate 50KG World War 2 Bomb On Nov 18, Some Roads & S’pore River Will Close

I am a bearer of an important piece of news. News flash! Breaking news! Just in!

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The Singapore Armed forces (SAF) will be defusing a World War 2 bomb in River Valley on Monday, 18 November. As such, certain parts of Singapore will be blocked out to ensure the public’s safety.

I might have gotten a little excited. Now, before anybody goes apesh** on me for having such a distasteful and bleak sense of amusement – I do acknowledge the implications.

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It’s just that it’s not all the time you unearth a war relic.

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World War 2 Bomb Found at a Construction Site

The Singapore Police Force has taken to Facebook to inform the public of the disposal of the bomb.

In the post, they mentioned that the following was discovered by workers at a construction site along Jiak Kim Street. The war relic was identified to be a 50kg World War 2 Aerial Bomb.

It looks something like one of these! 

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Inspections suggest that the removal of the bomb was unsafe. As such, it will be defused on site by the Singapore Armed Forces’ Explosive Ordnance Disposal (SAF EOD) team.

The controlled disposal is expected to happen tomorrow between 8am to 6pm.

Take Note, Certain Areas and Roads Will be Closed

Residents of the condominiums around the area have already been informed and have been told to vacate their homes for the day. Guests staying in nearby hotels have also been advised to make temporary arrangements.

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Here’s a list of areas that will be cordoned off during the disposal:

  • River Valley Green Road
  • Kim Seng Road ( between Kim Seng Promenade and Havelock Road)
  • Zion Road slip road towards Kim Seng Road
  • Jiak Kim Street
  • Singapore River (between Robertson Bridge and Kim Seng Bridge)
Image: Facebook (Singapore Police Force)

The Straits Times has also mentioned that strict parking restrictions will be enforced after 9.30 am tomorrow. Vehicles found parked in the said areas will be towed away. There should also be no flying of drones over the areas.

The public can expect loud sounds to be coming from the site. However, everybody is advised to remain calm and go on the rest of your days as per normal. Move along now! Just avoid the areas listed above, and you are all good.

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