Sammi Cheng Finally Responded, But Did Not Reveal If She Has Moved Out

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If you’ve not heard about the Andy Hui scandal, you’re either living in a cave meditating for days because the Internet is too toxic, or you’ve not paid your Internet bills for months.

And if you really haven’t, this hilarious three-minute video by YouTuber Epic Asian have summarised everything you need to know:

Andy Hui has responded on live TV YouTube,  apologising for the incident and crying like a baby.

Jacqueline Wong has posted an Instagram post, who also apologised repeatedly for her actions.

And Kenneth Ma, Jacqueline’s boyfriend, has responded in an interview that didn’t reveal whether he was still with Jacqueline or not, but defended Jacqueline like a boss.


And finally, yesterday (18 April 2019), Sammi Cheng broke her silence.

But before reading what she’s said, here’s a brief context.

On-Off Relationship With Andy Hui

Depending on how you see it, her relationship with Andy Hui has either withstood the test of time or…it has been rocky.

You see, our imaginary girlfriend Sammi Cheng got together with Andy Hui secretly in 1991, and only announced their relationship publicly in 2001—that’s like 10 years of secret relationship.

But all of a sudden, they split in 2004, which led to Sammi Cheng losing lots of weight. In 2007, Andy Hui then started dating other women.

However, they finally got back together in 2011, and before their marriage in 2013, Andy Hui has allegedly proposed six times before she finally accepted…because she needed to move into a new place after her house had been demolished.

For some reason, they did not have any children, though you’d have to remember that by the time Sammi married Andy, she was already 41 years old.

Allegedly Moved Out After Incident

Now, before you go, “WAH!”, remember this: the media scene in Hong Kong is very different from Singapore. Reporters go all out for a scoop and paparazzi invade personal space just for that perfect picture.

So this might or might not be true; read at your own discretion.

Apparently, reports stated that Sammi is very affected by the incident, closing all communication with anyone and not picking up any call. She hasn’t been sleeping and here’s the kicker: she has allegedly moved out to get some space from Andy.

Her record label intends to give her some time off for her to recover but did not comment on her condition.

So, what did Sammi say?

Got Forgive?

If you’ve read other news outlets, some would interpret that she has forgiven Andy Hui.

However, there’s actually no explicit mention of her forgiving Andy Hui.

Here’s the Instagram post:


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這次 ,是我們婚姻中共同重要的一課。這段期間, 我們共同經歷情緒起伏, 我們也就事件詳談很久很深 . 這是夫妻二人之間的一課, 也是往後婚姻路上學習到的一課. 我們在婚姻中走進更深處, 婚姻當中除了彼此給予的幸福溫暖, 當中也深深包含了彼此的錯誤和彼此的原諒. 人誰無過是老生常談,但事實確是如此啊。 在這次中, 重要的, 是更進一步身歷婚姻其中真諦. 幸福不只是一埸埸順利美滿,當中也有試煉, 也一起去經歷高低狀況,讓夫妻之間的感情厚度帶領著前行, 更要彼此走進對方的內心, 一起正視各自的軟弱, 不放棄自己, 不放棄對方,互相糾正, 互相提點, 在婚姻歴煉中, 我深信經歷和教訓一定會幫助重回正軌, 生命更會更生. 這期間在我們彼此都最難捱的時刻, 握著手一起祈禱, 對我們的幫助極大. 今天, 肩上的重擔彷彿輕了很多. 只願一切快平息, 回歸平靜. 最後摯誠請求各大傳媒不要再等候和追訪我年紀老邁行動不便的父母. 沒有更多想表達了,今天以後,就只向前看, 在時間的見證中,繼續一步步前行. ❤️

A post shared by Sammi Cheng Sau Man (@sammi_chengsauman) on

And here’s the translation for the lengthy post (you’re welcome!):

This incident is an important lesson in our marriage. During this period, we’ve gone through ups and downs, and we’ve spoken about this in depth. This is a lesson for a married couple; a lesson that we learn through the journey to marriage and to the future. We’ve walked deeper into our marriage, and beside giving each other happiness and warmth, we’ve to accept each other’s mistakes and forgiveness. People can say whatever they want, but this is the truth.

In this incident, it’s important to understand the true meaning of marriage. Happiness isn’t just about expecting that everything goes according to plan, as there would always be setbacks. We must go through them together to understand each other and also face each other’s weakness while not giving up on yourself or the other party, and talk openly about the issues. I believe with these, we can get back on track with life and become stronger.

During this period, it was one of of the most difficult periods in our life and we held hands to pray together, which helped a lot. Today, the burden should be lower. I just hope that everything dies down soon and returns to normalcy. Finally, I sincerely hope that the media would not disturb my aging parents. I’ve nothing to add. From today onwards, all I want is to look forward to life and let time heal the wounds.

Well, it does sound like Sammi has forgiven him…but has she?

You can decide yourself.



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