Martial Arts Actor Sammo Hung is Completely Unrecognisable After Massive Weight Loss in a Year


Sammo Hung is a Hong Kong action film star that brought pride to all the 90s plus-size kids out there.

Sure, we’re fat but that doesn’t mean fat guys can’t be cool.

Image: Pinterest

Well, Sammo Hung’s recent photo appeared on the internet again and it seems like this once pleasantly-plump action star has left the TAF club.

Martial Arts Actor Sammo Hung is Completely Unrecognisable After Massive Weight Loss in a Year

On 25 May 2020, Cantopop singer Alan Tam uploaded a series of photos on his Weibo account.

He was having lunch with Hung and two other friends at Sammo Hung’s home.

Image: Alan Tam’s Weibo

Fans were immediately piqued by Sammo Hung (the only one seated) who has lost a considerable amount of weight.

Here’s another photo, also posted on Alan Tam’s Weibo, where Hung wore a red bandanna.

Image: Alan Tam’s Weibo

While I’m sad to see my favourite star leave the fat club, you got to admit that it might be a good thing for him.

Since obesity isn’t actually good when you’re trying to live a long life, according to doctors.

Here’s Sammo Hung back in 2019 when he received his awards at the Malaysia Golden Globe Awards ceremony:

Image: Screengrab from YouTube Video

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Knee Surgery in 2017

According to 8Days, Hung had knee surgery back in 2017, after which he was often photographed outside in a wheelchair.

Image: Apple Daily

Just when it seemed like he has to be confined to a wheelchair for the entirety of his remaining life, he walked across the stage at the Malaysia Golden Global Awards ceremony back in 2019.

He was there to receive his Lifetime Achievement Award.

His daughter-in-law had once revealed in a talk show that Sammo Hung can actually walk. He just finds it more comfortable to sit in a wheelchair.

At least he managed to achieve what his doctor has told him to do: walk and lose 18kg so that he won’t aggravate his lifetime accumulation of injuries from his film work.

Image: Giphy

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