Samsung Just Bought a Full-Page Ad to Apologize But Not to Us


If you’re a Samsung fan among the war of Apple vs Samsung, you may just be losing out on this battle. After the huge saga over Samsung’s discontinuation of the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gadgets, they have decided that it’s time to mend some bridges.

On Monday, 7 November 2016, Samsung apologized sincerely by buying and publishing an entire page advertisement. The company explained in detail, how they understand that loyalty by their fans are earned and not given. They proceeded to say that the mentioned products are being recalled and is in the process of thorough investigation by top notch technical experts. 


Seeking the understanding and patience of their fans, the company said that while their mission has always been to provide the best safety and quality products, they admitted that they have recently fell back on this promise.

Though this apology seemed sincere and Samsung has taken responsibility for its faulty products, some customers were less than happy. Published in three major newspapers in the United States, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post, it seemed like Samsung was merely directing the apology to users in the U.S. 

Fans from other countries that experienced similar issues felt like they were not addressed to and only found out about the letter from the newspapers. In the recent holiday, Halloween, where many individuals from all over the world participate by creating and dressing up in creative costumes and props, one such person decided to dress up as a walking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with black burn marks, seemingly after it exploded or caught fire, mocking the incident of Samsung products overheating.


A picture of the said costume circulated around the Internet, captioned ‘scariest halloween costume ever’. There were forums created as well, for fellow Samsung members who were unhappy to rant about the issue. 


While others were more supportive over the whole issue.


In the published letter, Samsung mentioned that they appreciate the patience given to those directly affected and that they will be moving the investigation process as fast as they can while taking the necessary time to find out the issue.

Though the apology wasn’t directly published to all Samsung users from all around the world, it is a good part on Samsung’s CEO and President, Gregory Lee to apologize publicly on behalf of the company and its 17,000 employees across the country.

Lee mentioned that safety remains the company’s top priority and they will be taking this unfortunate issue to learn, listen to their customers in a way that’ll earn back the trust that they had lost.

Let’s hope that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible, with Samsung being more careful with their products in the future. 

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