Have a Samsung Note 7? Now You Can Refund It

Owners of the Samsung Note7 may get a refund for their purchase after all.

Samsung has finally pulled the plug on their flagship model after two eventful months.
Consumers were advised to shut the phone down and stop using it.

Exchange or Refund

If you own a Note7, you can now get your money back instead of a brand new Note7.

If you’re still interested in Samsung, you may also exchange your Note7 for a different Samsung model and the difference in price will be refunded.

It should be noted that the Samsung S7 will not have issues of batteries catching fire because different Samsung models have different designs and manufacturing processes.

Of course, it is unclear if the exchange will be extended for other models as well.

Samsung in Close Discussion with Telcos on How to Do Exchange / Refunds

The company has stated in its statement on 12 Oct 2016 that it is currently in talks with the three telcos (Singtel, Starhub and M1) and retail partners on details of the exchange/refund.

StarHub has pledged to keep its customers updated while Singtel will update affected customers via their Facebook page and website.

In the meanwhile, Samsung is also looking into what it can do for customers of Samsung Concierge, a service that allows customers to upgrade to a new Samsung model every year.

Phone for Loan

Should you need to loan a phone while waiting for the exchange or refund, you can do so at the Samsung Customer Service Center at Westgate.

For assistance, customers can call 1800-SAMSUNG(7267864) for further information.

Featured Image: cnet.com

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