Samsung Note 7 Saga Not Over, Exchanged Devices Lose Power, Dangerously Hot When Charging


Samsung fans might want to wait a bit more before deciding if they should go for a brand new Samsung Note 7 or just cut their losses and go for an alternative.

A flashback in case you’ve forgotten what happened

When Samsung Note 7 was launched in August this year, thousands of people pre-ordered and/or queued up for the device.

Less than a month later, reports of these devices overheating and catching fire made the headlines, both online and offline.

The company clarified that the issue was due to faulty batteries within the devices.

In an unprecedented move in the entire history of Samsung, the company decided on a massive recall of around 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 around the world and replaced them with new devices.

Well-played, Samsung but…

PR experts around the world were in awe at the recovery efforts made by this electronics conglomerate. The cost of recalling and replacing said devices is estimated to be around $1 billion or less.

It was said that the decision to recall all the devices was made by Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae Yong, the grandson of the founder of the company.

Unfortunately, the saga has not come to an end.

Galaxy Note 7 still a pretty hot item

And when we say this, we mean it literally.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some customers who have replaced their Galaxy Note 7 complained about their replacement devices losing power and overheating when charging.

Samsung stated that the issues were unrelated to the device’s battery but were “isolated cases” related to mass production issues.

Two consumers in Singapore exchanged their devices twice

According to Straits Times, users in Singapore have also made similar complaints.

Mr Herman Chia claimed that phone started overheating and “the screen turned red at the edges when I swiped up and down”.


Ms Vivien Ng said that her device “took more than 6 hours to charge” and her screen showed “rainbow colours” after a software update.

She added that her replacement set feels extremely hot when charging.


But take a look at Samsung Mobile Singapore Official Facebook page

There are two camps within the Facebook page: one praising the efforts of Samsung staff during the exchange and another complaining Samsung’s customer service and recovery efforts.

The first group mostly belongs to those who made their way down personally to do the exchange, while the latter belongs to those who decided to do their exchange via delivery.

Moral of the story: just make your way down to do your exchange. It seems to be the better choice.

At the end of the day, all we can say is

Galaxy Note 7’s still pretty hot right now.

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