Samsung Pay is coming to S’pore next week—here’s what you really need to know

Last Updated on 2016-06-23 , 12:28 pm

Good news for all Samsung fansyou may never need to bring your wallet out again.

Recent news has announced that Samsung is making their way to Singapore and implementing the Samsung Pay system here.

Instead of digging around your bag and fumbling for your cash, this new system of Samsung Pay allows you to use your Samsung phone as a credit card.

All transactions are made easy by just using your phone to tap during payment. But of course, good luck to you if you ever lose your phone.

Usually, credit cards are passed to the cashier before swiping but technology has outdone itself once again. Now, users are able to tap their phones at the same machines through this magnetic strip also known as Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and the powers of Near Field Communication (NFC). It’s a similar logic behind the usual Visa PayWave and Master PayPass.

So why should you depend on technology and use Samsung Pay? This method of contactless payment allows more convenience and saves you lots of time and hassle when you are dining, shopping or paying, at any time, basically.

Besides convenience, another reason why you should switch to Samsung Pay is because it’s actually pretty secure.

Before you tap, there would be a prompt for you to scan your fingerprint on your phone before the tapping can be done.

This allows Samsung users to have a lot of added security that physical plastic cards won’t have.

Another bonus point goes to Samsung Pay when you see that Samsung Pay is connected to most forms of credit cards.

You’ll be able to access to Visa, Master, American Express through the local banks, DBS, POSB, OCBC and Standard Chartered, unlike Apple Pay which is currently only available through American Express (although they reported saying that they’re working on it).

Samsung Pay will be available to use at most local grocery stores, various diners and technology outlets such as Challenger, Harvey Norman, Starbucks, 7-11, NTUC and Cold Storage.

Seems like that’s another competitive mark in the course between Apple and Samsung!

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