Samsung S7 Allegedly Exploded, Here’s What You Should Know

Remember the big hoo-ha about the explosions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s? After multiple reports of newly bought Note 7s exploding and airline companies banning the possession of Note 7s on their flights, Samsung made the decision to recall all sold phones globally.

You probably thought the whole case will be over and Samsung has learnt a hard lesson but phone users seem to be more sceptical about their products. Here’s 1 good example of lowered consumer confidence. 

Samsung S7 explodes!

Image: Facebook (ashleighxgirlie)

One facebook user posted about her Samsung S7 Edge exploding just days ago.

Along with multiple photos allegedly showing the aftermath of the explosion, she emphasised that the explosion happened even though she was not charging her phone or using it.

Raging, she even declared that she will never go back to being a Samsung user and will instead switch to iPhone. 

Netizens’ Reactions

However, there was a mixed reaction to the woman’s plight as highlighted in the comments. Some worried users commented that their S7 edge “gets hot” while others said to “be careful”.

There were also users that were doubtful about whether the woman was really not charging her phone or if she did not use her phone properly.

Some funny comments included “Samsung and Apple are not the only brands out there”. 

Whatever it may be, this seems to be a one-off incident for now. Furthermore, we are unable to determine the seriousness as well as the truthfulness of the whole incident.

Nevertheless, while being reliant on our phones, let’s always keep in mind to be responsible and careful phone users ourselves!

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