Samsung S8 Could Be Coming Out. Here’s What You Need to Know


Last Updated on 2016-11-15 , 6:23 pm

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 what? Who cares about Note 7 catching fire when there have been rumours about Samsung Galaxy S8. After all, Samsung fanboys will just buy anything Samsung, eh?

Here’re the information that has been spreading on the Internet like wildfire (pun…intended).

Release Date
It is rumoured to be released somewhere in the first half of 2017. Analysist have claimed the S8 release date could be brought forward in an attempt to counteract the issues faced currently by the Note 7.

But given how fast the Internet forgets, no one might remember about Note 7 by November 2016.

New Appearance
How will the S8 look like exactly is still unknown, but what rumours state that it will not look like the six-month-old S7. It may not have a headphone port – similar to the iPhone7. What’s the deal with removing headphone port?

Two version
Industry sources have reported that Samsung may make two version of the Galaxy S8 – both with curved screen. This is a rather bad news for those who do not really adore the Edge series. One of it would be 5.1-inch and the other 5.5-inch.

Always On Display (AOD)
This featured debuted with the Galaxy Note 7. It was improved on the new Note and future updates to this feature would mean that it should become even richer for S8, with third parties able to add their own widgets to the screen. Yay to customizability!

Camera and Battery
A dual-lens camera, 30MP rear camera, 8MP front-facing snapper and a 4200mAh battery would just simply mean better pictures and longer battery life. It’s not confirmed yet but it would not be surprising on the dual camera aspect since most of the new phones released have that.

As for the battery…we only hope it won’t catch fire. Or at least make the casing fireproof.

Improvement in RAM
In the S7, the RAM is 4GB. For the S8, it has been rumoured to be 6GB. That could well be more than the RAM for many of our laptops!

With all this new and improve features of what the S8 could offer, are they able to gain their customer’s trust back from all the problems with Note 7?

Let’s wait and see. Or let’s forget about Note 7 and just get the S8, because 8 = huat.

Featured image: Shutterstock / Leszek Kobusinski

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