Samyang Releases Spicy, Extremely Spicy & Carbonara Sauces & It’s Available in S’pore

A big fan of Samyang’s spicy instant noodles?

Image: My Asian Grocer

Can’t get enough of that diarrhoea-inducing sauce?

Image: Gfycat

Fantasise about stuffing yourself with it all day long?

Image: Tenor

Well, if you happen to think that way, rejoice…

Because Samyang has just released its spicy, extremely spicy and carbonara sauces on Shopee!

Image: Shopee
Image: Gfycat

The sauce that makes everything tick

If you’ve ever sampled Samyang’s hot and spicy noodles for yourself, you’ll know something:

It’s spicy af.

For reference, just look at these ‘laughing’ faces.

… my heart goes out to them.

But it’s as you see; this sauce is seemingly only for the bravest of humans, and those alone.

Should you be one of these brave humans, however, I’ve good news for you: the brand Samyang has released its original hot and spicy sauce for sale!

Image: Shopee

Regardless of whether you wish to customise the level of spiciness present in your noodles, or just want to give it a shot (without wasting the whole packet of noodles)… this is the sauce that will make it tick.

Bored of the usual hot and spicy sauce?

Well, worry not for Samyang has two other sauces available: creamy carbonara and extremely spicy!

Image: Shopee

Creamy carbonara, as its name implies, will give you that texture and taste that goes so well with pasta.

Extremely spicy, on the other hand, is one sauce I’m not keen on trying, and will probably never try.

Something even spicier than Samyang’s trademark sauce? Thanks but no thanks. But hey if that floats your boat, by all means, get it!

But wait, that’s not even the best part

Because apparently, all three types of 200g bottled sauce are going at a hefty 56% discount now.


Originally priced at S$18.50, you’ll need just $8.50 to prise that bottle off the shelves.

Now is that extra incentive to get the bottle or what?

You can check out the Shopee bottle sale here.

Running out?

If you’re late to Shopee’s party and find out that stocks have run out, don’t break down just yet.


Because Ezbuy has got your back too.


With the original hot and spicy sauce available on Ezbuy for S$9.97 (excluding shipping fee), you’ll at least have a back-up plan should things go south.

Though if you really want the ‘carbonara’ and ‘extremely spicy’ sauce bottles, we’ll suggest that you log on to Shopee, like right now.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you’re like my sister and cannot survive without a good Samyang-noodle party…

You know what to do.


Buy it on Shopee.

Buy it on Ezbuy.

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