Sashimi Noodles That Have Its Noodles Made from Salmon is a Real Thing in S’pore

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So you thought you’ve seen it all, from salted egg bubble tea to fried coffee cubes.

Reader Bao: Wait, when got fried coffee—

Meet the next creation that’ll make Gordon Ramsay mouth the f-word for the rest of his life: Sashimi Noodles Mukbang Set.

That won’t have caused any alarm until you realise that the sashimi isn’t the side dish, but the noodles.


Blasphemy, indeed.

The dish is the brainchild of Run Run Sushi, a food kiosk in ION Orchard selling fast takeaway sushi that opened last year. According to its very pinkish website, they sold their Sushi Handrolls before that at Holland Village.

The kiosk didn’t just sell the run-of-the-mill sushi, but super atas one as well, like a lobster roll sushi.


But you’re not here for their sushi.

Sashimi Noodles That Have Its Noodles Made from Salmon is a Real Thing in S’pore

So, what the heck are sashimi noodles?

Thankfully, Run Run Sushi has done my job by posing their own questions and answering them themselves, kind of like how our Reader Bao has often come in to interrupt our articles:

Here’s what they’ve written:

What is Sashimi Noodles?
It is the newest and most delicious way to enjoy your Salmon Sashimi! Enjoy and slurp on your Salmon Sashimi as though you are slurping on noodles. Savour the perfectly chilled and freshest Salmon Sashimi in noodles, served with our in-house Special Sauce for that perfect blend of sweet and savoury!

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It is a whole new experience of enjoying Salmon Sashimi like you never had before.

What is Mukbang?
Mukbang is eating a very large quantity of food that first started in South Korea. Bring your love for Salmon Sashimi to the next level by challenging yourself to finish our Sashimi Noodles Mukbang Set all by yourself! 3 sizes available, Beginner, Intermediate or Expert.

Great for Sharing
Be the first to experience Sashimi Noodles with your friends and family.

Here’s an example of mukbang:

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They then taught us how to enjoy the noodles:


Here are the…erm, instructions:

  1. Slurp your Sashimi Noodle Strand in 1 bite and enjoy its original Freshness
  2. Dip Sashimi Noodle in our in-house Special Sauce and slurp Noodle drenched in sauce
  3. Spread some Wasabi on Sashimi Noodle for that extra kick
  4. Experts Only Mukbang Style: Slurp multiple pieces of Sashimi Noodles and finish everything in 1 bite. (Not recommended for beginners)

If you think about it, it’s just salmon being cut into noodles, but hey: salted egg bubble tea is just adding salted egg into bubble tea, too.

But if you intend to be a Zermatt Neo in ION Orchard, I’d have to break your heart: this is only available online.

It comes in three sizes: Beginner Set (for 2 pax) at $34.50, Intermediate Set (for 3 to 4 pax) at $52 and Expert Set (for 5 to 6 pax) at $69.

Islandwide delivery is only available for orders above $40, so you might as well just take the Intermediate Set even if you’re a lonely forever dude.


It’ll be served in ice pack, and it’ll come with the Salmon Sashimi Noodles, In-House Special Sauce and Wasabi.

You can order here.