Neighbour Rushed Into Burning Flat at Bukit Batok to Save Unconscious Man

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There are two kinds of people in this world – the ones who will put themselves first in any situation, and the ones who will put themselves in the backseat momentarily – though not recklessly – just to save others.

The heroic rescue at Block 283 Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 only proves that not all heroes wear capes and spandex – some of them are normal people like you and me.

A heroic rescue by a neighbour

32-year-old Mr Muhammad Nasiruddin Md Khalid sprang into action when he spotted thick plumes of black smoke coming out from a neighbour’s home upstairs.

He and his wife rushed to the unit only to find it was locked.

However, when his wife, 31-year-old Nurul Fadilah, squatted down to check to see if anyone’s home, she noticed that there’s a man wearing a patterned shirt lying on the floor.

He seemed unconscious.

As his wife ran back to their unit to grab the fire extinguisher, Mr Nasiruddin tried to open the unit’s windows to get a better look and hopefully, wake the man in the burning unit.

Unfortunately, the windows were too hot to touch by then and they seem to have been sealed shut by the heat.

Thankfully, the flat’s owner, 74-year-old Mdm Tan Kim Keok, returned home from grocery shopping at the right moment.

She opened the front door for Mr Nasiruddin, who then dashed into the smoke-filled house with just a wet cloth covering his nose and mouth.

He managed to drag the unconscious man out of the unit to the common corridor.

The man eventually was woken up by his rescuer but he seems to be in a dazed state.

He was then rushed to the hospital.

The firefighting and first-aid training helped

Mr Nasiruddin credited his heroism with his training in firefighting and first-aid; the training he was required to undergo as a security officer.

But ultimately, his selflessness is the key to making him rush into a burning house to save a person despite the danger.

He said, “Of course, my safety is important but under that situation, the right thing… was to save the man.”


And save the man, he did!

Mdm Tan’s son, 44-year-old Mr Raymond Seetoh, is also very grateful for Mr Nasiruddin’s help.

“Not many would have acted as bravely as (Mr Nasiruddin) did. I think that man deserves a medal.”

He added that they are still evaluating the damage from the fire and that due to the shock, his mother will be staying with him for the time being.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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