Science has found a way to choose the gender of your baby, but there’s a big catch

There are many different types of parents out there. Some are more traditional and hope to have a son to carry on the family legacy, while others, not so much. Some couples wants to select the gender of their babies due to health reasonssuch as not wanting to pass down a hereditary disease to their unborn child while other couples do it because of “family balancing”.

Guess what, science has provided a way for all parents to get what they really want. Of course, it’s not all good, there’s a catch as well. And it’s a pretty big catch, we think.

If you want to select the gender of your baby, you’ll have to undergo treatments like Artificial Insemnation (AI) and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). Along with these treatments, the woman will have to take fertility drugs as well. The fertility drugs stimulate the woman’s ovaries and produce more eggs that are ready to be fertilized. Just FYI, a woman usually produced only one egg per month, sometimes too.

The eggs are then removed from the ovaries and placed onto a dish where it will be fertilized with sperms. Couples usually choose to undergo IVF if they have difficulty conceiving a child. In the case of selecting the gender of the child, eggs are fertilized and selected based on the gender instead of health (for normal IVF treatments). These eggs are inserted back into the woman’s ovaries to grow.

So what’s the catch, you wonder. For one, it’s a pretty expensive procedure so unless you’ve got plenty of dough to spare, you’re probably better off letting nature take its course. For another, the fertility drugs has side effects. And last but not least, this is pretty new so it isn’t legalized in all countries.

Alternatively, there are other options that you can take to stack the odds in your favour, so to speak. We won’t write about them here because it might be too explicit for our site but hey, if you’re interested, check them out hereYou might want to thank me later. *wink*

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