Man ‘Borrowed’ A Pair of Scissors From a Mourning Hall to Stab His Friend

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To be honest, this story sounded like a slapstick comedy show.

From the chase around the mourning hall to waving a bamboo pole in the middle of the road, everything about the fight between a red shirt-wearing man and a shirtless man at Hougang Avenue 2 just borders on absurdity.

An argument turned into a fight club

At around midnight on 9 June, a ruckus was heard by the residents of Block 703 on Hougang Avenue 2.

Apparently, two guys – one in a red shirt (30-year-old) and one shirtless (28-year-old) – have arranged for a meet at the car park of the apartment block where the guy with the red shirt lived.

However, their conversation turned sour real fast, and fists were exchanged between the two men.

The red shirt man went down soon after, as reported by an eyewitness who lived at the apartment, Ms Lee.

Even as he laid on the ground injured, the shirtless man still continued to punch and kick him.

“A friend of the red shirt guy rushed to the scene of the fight and tried to persuade the shirtless guy to stop, but the shirtless man is still very agitated.”

Fists aren’t enough – let’s steal a pair of scissors from a funeral

It must have been a hell of an argument because even he seems to have won the fight, the shirtless guy still ran to a mourning hall nearby where a funeral for 18-year-old Chen Wenkai’s grandma was taking place.

He wanted to “borrow” – *ahem* stole – a pair of scissors at the mourning hall but one of Wenkai’s uncles said no, telling the shirtless man to “don’t take it; don’t take it”.

Wenkai added, “But the man didn’t listen. He took the scissors and headed straight to the car park. Then, we heard that someone was stabbed, so we quickly called the police.”

The police confirmed that they have received a police report regarding the incident and are currently investigating it.

The 30-year-old injured victim was conscious when he was sent to the hospital for treatment.

The 28-year-old attacker was also arrested.

A victory lap in the middle of the road

Apparently, that’s not all of the story.

Despite being injured, the man in the red shirt man tried to give chase as the shirtless man tried to flee the scene, likely after the cops were called.


Funnily enough, from the video captured by a resident of the apartment block where the assault took place, the shirtless man was seen picking up a bamboo pole that was lying on the side of the road.

He waved the bamboo pole around while he was in the middle of the road, much like how you do a flag pole… probably to celebrate his victorious fight with the red shirt man.

The red shirt man didn’t take his defeat lying down though!

From eyewitness accounts, he tried to fight back and had run around the mourning hall twice, during which they knocked down a wreath stand.

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