Seat-Manufacturing Company Hopes Their ‘Minimalist’ Seats Can Be Used On Short Flights In The Future

Minimalist is all the rage now and has been for some time.

That would explain the hype surrounding Marie Kondo and the joy that she brings in helping people to declutter lives.

Image: Paper Magazine

However, a company has recently caused quite a stir at the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 with their iteration of a minimalist seat.

You Get What You Pay For

It is a universal truth that budget airlines and short-haul flights charge lesser as they cut down on certain luxuries such as leg space, in-flight entertainment and food items.

The cutting down of luxuries or want-cessities translates into cheaper ticket prices as the laws of economics dictate.

However, Aviointerioers, an Italian seat manufacturer, might have taken things too far with its showcase of a minimalist standing seat meant for short-haul flights.

Here are some images of it.

As it turns out, even Sam Chui, one of the world’s most renown and established aviation blogger, admitted that it might indeed be too much of a stretch to last more than 45 minutes on this new age seat.

That said, these seats don’t appear to allow for seating, rather, a pose more akin to standing and/or squatting.

Something like the shit-squat pose should you deign not to make contact with a public toilet bowl.


The Internet Speaks

Unsurprisingly, the internet joined in the chorus against what is a rather blasphemous take on ‘standing’, ‘sitting’ and ‘seats’ altogether.

For some, humour was the best medicine in the face of a truly ludicrous concept

Image: Facebook/Sam Chui
Image: Facebook/Sam Chui

Others took pains to spell out potential medical repercussions

Image: Facebook/Sam Chui

Some were so taken aback by the idea they decided to “walk the talk”

Image: Facebook/Sam Chui

“bus the plane”

Image: Facebook/Sam Chui

or “train the flight”

Image: Facebook/Sam Chui

In Defence of Aviointerioers (None)

In Aviointerioers’ defence, their engineering adviser, Gaetano Perugini, spoke with CNN and shared their standing seat will allow for airlines to offer “multi-class configurations, which is nowadays impossible if you want to reach the maximum load of passengers” and might be accepted by people for a “short haul’, “couple of hours flight” and/or “a three-hour flight.”

He caps it off by saying that people will not be happy “to stay eight or ten hours in this configuration”.

In between three and eight or ten hours, methinks that Aviointerioers is viably hoping that their seats can be utilized for a five-hour trip.

I’ve one question though.


Has this design gone through a proof-of-concept testing or pilot, and was Mr Perugini a part of the sample pool?

I’m pretty sure the answer is no, else he wouldn’t be standing so tall and proud defending this concept.

#squatall #sitdownboy

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