Security Screening Exercise To Take Place At HarbourFront MRT on 2 Aug 2019

Is HarbourFront MRT station one of the places you have to make a stop at during your daily work commute? Or perhaps do you just like to go to Vivo City and Sentosa a lot to play?

If so, there’s something of importance you should know.

You May Go Through Security Screening

Yep, it’s like those you have to go through in the airport before flying off, but now in an MRT station.

On 2 August 2019 (a Friday), The Land Transport Authority (LTA), SBS Transit, and SMRT Trains will be holding a security screening exercise called Exercise Station Guard at HarbourFront MRT, which is on the North-East Line and Circle Line. It will be from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., so do take note if you happen to need to go there during that time.

Commuters are also advised to factor in extra time for the commute just in case.

How Exactly Will It Happen?

If you’re a little confused, don’t worry because Goody Feed’s got you covered like always. Right?

So basically, if you’re entering the station, you will be directed towards the fare gates near Exits A, B, C, and D to undergo the security screening.

If you’re exiting the station, you will be directed to the fare gates at Exit E, towards VivoCity instead.

Image: Land Transport Authority

Only some commuters will have to go through security screenings, however. They will be scanned by metal detectors and have their personal belongings scanned by X-ray machines as well, a familiar scene right out of the airport.

Image: Land Transport Authority

There will also be a Mass Scanning Device at the station itself, which doesn’t inconvenience commuters to stop unlike the security scans. It’s able to scan a mass of people who pass by under it for suspicious items in real time, and was last deployed in a similar exercise at Jurong East MRT.

Image: Land Transport Authority

Guards will be on standby next to the machine, so no funny business still, okay.

The Exercise Station Guard isn’t anything new though, for it has been conducted regularly by LTA with SMRT and SBS since 2018.

“Such exercises test and validate security measures, contingency plans and operational readiness at public transport nodes during heightened security situations,” mentioned LTA.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you about this beforehand, okay – do plan your day to avoid inconveniences and being late.

So if you’re planning to smuggle the fragrant D24 durian you bought from the market back home, maybe that’s not a good day for your little heist.


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