New Measure (Again): People Who Prepare or Sell Food / Drinks Must Wear a Mask or They’ll be Fined

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Well, another day, another new measure.

Reader Bao: It’s not the end of the day, yet so smoking might be banned tonight


Today, it’s announced that from Monday (13 April 2020) onwards, anyone who’s involved in the preparation or sale of food or drinks (i.e. as long as you come in contact with our food lah) would be required to wear a mask, or any other form of physical barrier, like a face shield.

While this seems like a snap decision, it isn’t; in fact, the decision was more or less made even before the Circuit Breaker broke our lives.

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) Has Started Work on It Earlier This Month

According to Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor, the SFA has been working with food shop operators and the coffee shop and hawker centre association to implement this system even before 2 April 2020—that was a day before we even knew that our lives would become CB.

It’s part of the SG Clean campaign, in which the goal is to step up cleanliness and hygiene forever, and not just during the COVID-19 period.

Today, what’s new is the confirmed date of implementation, and the penalty for non-compliance.

Food handlers and employees must wear a mask or face shield while they are working, even if they’re just taking order or accepting payment.

SFA said, “This protects them against possible transmission from others and also prevents transmission to others should they be infected but asymptomatic.”

So what’s this asymptomatic thingy again?

You must be new to Goody Feed, but it’s okay; it’ll allow me to copy and paste the same text below:

Asymptomatic Transmission

There’s increasing evidence that people can transmit Covid-19 to others before they experience symptoms (presymptomatic) or even when they don’t experience symptoms at all (asymptomatic).

This is why Singapore is changing its view on wearing face masks because of these silent, ‘hidden’ carriers.

A study in Singapore, for example, showed that at least 10 people got the coronavirus from those without symptoms.

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F&B Outlets That Don’t Comply

If operators didn’t comply with the rules, they’ll be fined up to $10,000 or jailed up to six—wait, sorry, no, not that. I think I’m too used to the $10,000 fine and six months jail, my bad. Please disregard this paragraph.

If operators didn’t comply with the rules, they can be fined up to $5,000, have their licences suspended or cancelled, or both.

And if you see your favourite hawker not wearing a mask from Monday onwards and have always been jealous that he can afford a Mercs just by selling nasi lemak, you can whistle blow him here.