Mum & Son in Sembawang Went Berserk Over Flower Pots & Threw Things at Policewoman


A 22-year-old son and his 57-year-old mother were arrested on 5 June at Block 415, along Sembawang Drive.

The two were reportedly throwing potted plants while arguing with each other when police officers arrived. They ended up wounding a 30-year-old police officer before getting arrested.

Violent Argument Led to Police Intervening 

The incident happened at about 2 pm on 5 June. The mother and the son, understood to be the youngest of the family, were arguing in their apartment when things got heated.

They started throwing things at each other and down the windows and stairs, including seven flower pots, four knives, and parts of a washing machine. The neighbours then called the police for help.

When the pair saw the police officers, they lashed out and started throwing furniture in the officers’ direction. A female police officer ended up getting slightly injured.

As the pair refused to cooperate, the police entered the unit and suppressed the two with force before arresting them and taking them away.

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Made a Mess, Threw Neighbour’s Potted Plants

When reporters from Shin Min Daily News arrived at the scene, they spotted a cordoned area with police tape at the bottom of the HDB block.


There were two shelves of potted plants in front of the unit where the incident occurred, and it was revealed that one shelf of plants belonged to their neighbour.

You might think that only the pair’s potted plants were gone, but nope. Both shelves of plants were unfortunately involved in the altercation, and some plants were even thrown down the stairs.

What kind of argument warrants throwing plants at each other, let alone your neighbour’s plants?

The police have confirmed that a 22-year-old boy and a 57-year-old lady were arrested for voluntarily causing hurt against a public servant and using abusive language towards a public servant. The 22-year-old was also arrested for rash acts.


A 30-year-old female police officer was also confirmed to have been slightly injured by the flying furniture.

Wounded Medical Staff As Well

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, more details about the mysterious altercation were revealed. A few medical staff arrived at the flat to bring the man to a medical facility.

The 22-year-old threw a sharp object at one of the staff, leading to a minor cut on his neck. The staff then rushed downstairs and alerted the police too.

After the medical staff left the flat, the man continued screaming and throwing things, which led to the assortment of pots and knives being thrown down the block. This continued for five minutes before the police arrested the pair.

Neighbours revealed that the 22-year-old had autism and that the mother started looking haggard and tired last month.

They have also noticed the appearance of broken furniture in front of the pair’s unit starting last month, including a washing machine.

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