18 People Caught Gathering & Watching Netflix in a Sengkang HDB Flat During CB Period


We’re so many months into this pandemic, I’ve lost track of time.

What month is it? What year is it?

Most of us have stopped trying to wait out the pandemic for our “normal lives” to resume and instead, try to adapt and change what our “normal lives” entail.

Because let’s be real; the “normal life” we knew isn’t coming back for quite a while.

In spite of the impact of the pandemic that has gravely affected the entire world and will perhaps be remembered in history books for centuries, it seems that there are still people who do not quite grasp the severity of the situation.

18-People Netflix Party

Reader Bao: Huh? Netflix Party can host so many people meh?

You can… if it’s physical.


And in case you thought they broke the 5-person rule that’s still in effect currently… that wasn’t the case.

A group of 16 friends went over to the house of another two friends (who were a couple) for a gathering of drinking, gaming, and Netflix-watching through the entire night on 8 May in Block 295C Compassvale Crescent.

Hold up…8 May?

Yes. The circuit breaker was still going on at the time. Social meet-ups were not allowed at all, period, whether 5 or 0.5 people.

Neighbour’s Police Complaint

As their party went on through the night, the noise was starting to become too much.

Having seen the flat owners before, she knew for a fact that there were multiple people over illegally. She also said that “this has been going on almost every night”.

At 2am, she decided that enough was enough and called the police. When the police officer arrived at the flat at 2.30am, he heard noises of laughter and talking from within the flat and noticed multiple footwear outside the door.

After he knocked on the door, the owners took around three whole minutes to open the door and pretended they were asleep before that.

When confronted about the noise, they then…continued lying and said there was a gathering of about eight to ten people.

Image: Giphy

What they imagined the police officer thinking: “Only eight to ten people? Ah, that’s alright then, carry on! As long as it’s not 16!”

Of course, the police officer then went on to search the flat and found all 16 people in it.

Fines Up To $3000

As all 10 of them were charged in court on Wednesday (5 August), a range of fines were issued going from $2,500 to $3,000, with the higher amount for two of the friends who had stayed the longest in the flat.

Apparently, they had spent 20 whole hours over at the couple’s home.

Just enough for the entire viewing of Crash Landing on You.


Four of the remaining had their cases adjourned due to various reasons while the other four still have their cases pending.

So, kids, what is the lesson here?

Yes, don’t make too much noise when you have your friends over.

Wait, what? No? Oh yeah. Stop breaking government regulations. They’re there for a reason.

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