Sengkang Town Council Responds to Viral Video of Cleaner “Posing for Photo”


Have you ever felt the need to “wayang” at work?

For those who are not aware, “wayang” refers to a traditional show puppet show and, in a modern context, means to act something out.

So if you “wayang” at work, you are essentially pretending to work while slacking off.

Some cleaners were accused of doing just that when netizens caught them posing for pictures which showed them sweeping the corridor floor.

But it seems like this is a big misunderstanding as the pictures were used for “evaluation”.

Here is more on the story and what Sengkang Town Council has clarified about the incident.

TikTok Video Shows Cleaners Posing for Pictures Showing Them Sweeping the Floor

Earlier this week, a TikTok user by the moniker of @nasigorengpedastknksayur posted a short clip on the viral social media platform.

@nasigorengpedastknksayur Employee of month. Must take photo show proof 🤣 #singapore #singapretiktok ♬ mau sabar adik mana mana kerja – uncle musliadi SSAR

The clip soon attracted much attention as it showed what looked like two cleaners “slacking off at work”.

In the video, one cleaner holding a broom and dustpan is seen walking into place and sweeping with the broom while another cleaner takes a picture.

The first cleaner is wearing a t-shirt which reads “Aljunied-Hougang Town Council” on the back.

After the photo op, the two cleaners leave.

It is unclear from the video if the cleaners had actually finished sweeping the corridors and returned for a photo op or if they only took the pictures without cleaning anything.

Netizens Think the Cleaners Are Slacking Off 

Based on the video’s caption, the TikTok user seems to think that the cleaners didn’t do their job.

The OP said the people deserved “employee of the month” as they had to “take photo show proof” of doing work.

This seems to imply that the cleaners didn’t actually do the work they claimed they were doing.


Netizens also expressed similar views. Some said that they witnessed similar things in their estates.

Image: TikTok (@nasigorengpedastknksayur)
Image: TikTok (@nasigorengpedastknksayur)

Sengkang Town Council Clarifies Matters and Says the Pictures Are Used for “Evaluation”

So what is the truth?

Sengkang Town Council revealed some information about the situation in their response to AsiaOne’s queries.

They said that they were aware of the video and that the photos were taken for “evaluation” purposes.

The town council requires their contractors to take such photos “from time to time”.


And just for the record, the cleaners’ t-shirts should have said Sengkang Town Council instead of Aljunied-Hougang Town Council.

The t-shirts had been issued wrongly by the contractor and will soon be corrected after Sengkang Town Council pointed it out.

Glad that’s all cleared up.