Serial Cheater Caught For Pretending To Be A Cop To Take Cigarettes From Secondary School Students


At some point in time in our lives, we have probably tried role-playing as a police officer.

Fantasizing about the job we used to dub as ‘cool’ is normal, but what if you take that to real life?

Just so nobody actually tries their hand at acting on strangers, I’ll have you know that impersonating a public servant can have you jailed for two years or fined, or both.

For serial cheater, Mohamad Mazlan Jailani, duping a woman he was dating online of $500 was clearly not enough (ah, the murky waters of online dating) as he went on to cheat students.

You would have thought that he would already have been convicted of the crime he committed to the woman back in 2017; but apparently not.

Impersonating a Police Officer To Catch Errant Smokers

How did the serial cheater impersonate the police in front of the students? With a HomeTeam PAssion card.

Which, erm, looks like this:

Image: HomeTeamNS

Surely, the fact that he had forged a police warrant card back in 2017 made his intentions clear enough. Too bad nobody could foresee his cheating a year into the future.

What did he have against the secondary school students, then? Oh, nothing much — they were just smoking.

Source: Gfycat

Unless they stayed back in secondary school for three years, I find it hard to believe that they are 19-year-old students smoking legally.

Taking the cigarettes away from the students would have been a noble thing to do, except that he shouldn’t have done it in the name of the police he so calls himself.

Who knows whether he took it to use for himself, or if he wanted to grace the students with wisdom?

Either way, we see a crack in his cheating when he took down merely one of the students’ particulars out of the group of four.

A Repeat Incident

Strangely enough, he returned four days later to get a statement from the same student. This time, he divulged another ground-breaking secret — he was a gang member.

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If you’re wondering why the story doesn’t make sense, it’s because it simply doesn’t. So is he a police officer or a gang member? Maybe a police officer disguising as a gang member; or in a kdrama-esque conspiracy, a gang member pretending to be a police officer.

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The Truth

In reality, he’s just a serial cheater — that’s all there is.


He tried to pull this off again 12 days later, with students at another area. Whether the group of students were the same or not was unclear, though.

Unsurprisingly, the real police officers came in time to apprehend him before he could do anything. Who wouldn’t know that the cheater was faking his role after the claim that he was a gang member?

I can’t imagine the reaction of the real police officers when Jailani showed them his…PAssion card.

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This time, he will finally get convicted for the crimes he had committed in both 2017 and 2018.

The moral of the story? Get a job as an actor instead of a cheater even if you really love role-playing that much.


Oh, and don’t smoke, kids.

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